Update 3.1.16

+ Support for OziExplorerCE waypoint files
+ Support for Garmin MapSource track files
+ Support for Canon THM files
+ Support for changing Exif artist
+ Updated version of ExifTool to support DNG 1.3
+ Option to reset filter
! Wrong display of GPS time
! Canon CRW files contain no date time value
! Crash in settings dialog on some Chinese systems
! Local characters will be garbaged sometimes when exporting to Google Earth
! Cannot read GPX way points file
! Automatic assignment of location data doesn’t work
! Error when reading GPX files with XML version=”1.1″
! Wrong display of GPS Speed Values
! Some problems regarding filter functionalety
! Exported kmz-Files will not open in GoogleEarth
! Sometimes crash with Panasonic RAW files
! Changing coding for IPTC values have to force rewriting of complete IPTC data
! Wrong orientation in Lightroom after initially creating XMP of ARW files

Several minor bug fixes