Update 3.2.0

+ Supports multiprocessing when saving image data
+ Functionalety for renaming image files
+ Copy and paste of meta data
+ Option to show imperial measurement units
+ Selection of IPTC character coding
+ Customizing toolbar
+ Shortcuts for menu commands
+ Save and restore of program settings
+ Edit and assign data templates
+ ExifTool update info
+ Support for MTK GPS loggers by using GPSBabel (iBlue 747 etc.)
+ Support for Holux GPS logers by using GPSBabel
+ Adjustable startup folder
+ Image preview in tooltips
+ Optional use of remote images for Google Earth export
+ Display of track length and track point distance in track panel
+ Selection of images by using reference image on map
+ Custom image title for Google Earth export
+ Support for THM files
* Exclude KMZ files from automatic display of tracks in current folder
! Wrong sorting of images
! Problems with Explorer shell extension
! Timezone has been overwritten sometimes while saving changes
! Writing GPS tag exif:GPSVersionID
! Problem with some GPX files
! Problem with some KML files

Many other small changes and improvements