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0000100GeoSetterImage Datapublic2008-02-03 17:43
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Summary0000100: Add the possibility to geotag using google earth
DescriptionSometime using google earth can help geotag a photo better, because you have the 3D vision, and in some cities you also get quite a lot of building that are digitzed (For example I remember one projetc that fully(?) digitized Berlin).
One easy way to do is to use the clipboard as does itag.
One would open google earth and add aplace mark at the desired position. Then you just right click it and press "copy".
Then in geosetter you would press a button "geotag from external application". And by parsing the kml text in the clipboard geosetter should be able to recognize :longitude, latitude, and altitude + bearing if available.
Advantage of this :
-Offer sometime better localisation thanks to 3D
-Allow to easily enter bearing with google eath (<look at> and <heading> tags)
-Not limited to Google Earth I suppose Nasa World wind offers similar possibility, I know for sure the french geopotail offers it with the following simple syntax: Longitude : 03° 05' 41'' E Latitude : 48° 04' 23'' N
This way geosetter could offer a way to add other map provider without having to go throuh all the API manuals.

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2008-02-03 17:43

reporter   ~0000374

Any update on this feature? I find myself using Google Earth community data to locate those hard-to-find landmarks in Google Earth. But once I do, I then have to go to the same city in Geosetter, and try to compare map/satellite features to find the same location in Geoetter. Having the ability to tag directly from Google Earth, or exporting the GE location into Geosetter, would be a great help.

By the way, I like what you've done with this. I've experimented with a couple of other photo data applications, and am close to using Geosetter exclusively.

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