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Summary0001000: In all versions of Geosetter one looses the GeoTag as added through Windows Live Photo Gallery
DescriptionUnfortunately, I don't know where the Windows program stores these geotags, but they have to be there somewhere, as I can view them on two separate computers, whereby I only copy the image file from one to the other.
As a lot of the photos have been geotagged in this program, and it actually is quite good, it would be a major help to be able to import them, so that they are available in Geosetter and programs using the same geotagging data.
TagsIPTC, IPTCCore, IPTCExtension, LocationCreated, Windows Photo Gallery, XMP


2012-11-05 16:09


2012-10-06Sat12.27-007 Nittel, der Nitteler Hof.JPG (1,776,028 bytes)


2016-05-06 15:17

reporter   ~0002301

I also have this issue (May 2016) but there does not seem to be a solution yet.

Issue detail:
a) I import my photos to Photo Gallery; there are no coordinates because my Canon EOS600D is just too old to manage these.
b) I sort my photos in Photo Gallery and add locations <as text> in the geotag field. (I have also used Photo Gallery to add locations to thousands of older images.)
c) Now, I want to filter these images in GeoSetter so that I can add coordinates <as numerical latitude/longitude> using the map function. Because a popular location might have been visited many times in different years, I want to search or filter the images in multiple folders to find these locations.
d) I can view where the data is stored by using ExifTool Image Info (five fields eg "Location Created City") but it is not possible to use these fields in the search or filter tools.

Would it be possible to add these fields to the search and filter functions?


2016-05-11 21:11

developer   ~0002302

what exactly are you missing? I found in the ExifData the following:
Location Created Country Name: Germany
Location Created Province State: RP
Location Created City: Nittel

Is this all that you are missing? Or should any GPS coordinates be available?


2016-05-11 21:27

reporter   ~0002303

I use Photo Gallery to edit the pictures and add basic place coordinates, as you see in the ExifData. When I use geosetter, I use the map function. It would be ideal if the map function would use those exifdata to get an approximate Latitude/longitude which I then could use to pinpoint the exact location. It would make work a lot easier ...
The ideal would be to get GPS coordinates out of Photo Gallery, however, I fear this is not possible if PG does not put GPS coordinates in the Exif ...


2016-05-11 21:35

developer   ~0002304

I just took a look how to copy the field "Location:LocationCreatedCity" into the standard Exif field, so GeoSetter will show the City

a possible way to do this is to use ExifTool. The command could be like that:

ExifTool "-Location:City<Location:LocationCreatedCity" test.jpg

with this command line a backup copy of the jpg file will be created. The command line can also be changed that a complete directory will be processed. There is also a parameter to do the work recursive.


2016-05-11 21:39

developer   ~0002305

what do you mean with the "Basic place coordinates"? The City and Country?

You could copy the City into the standard Exif field. After that set a filter on each City, search this City in the map and assign the GPS coordinates to your Images.

It's not the fastest way but it should work


2016-05-11 22:24

reporter   ~0002306

The lowest known entity, so that would be the City.

How could I copy the City (using whatever necessary, but ideally either geosetter or Exiftool.
As I am not a computer expert, I'm not confident to use the Exiftool command line. Where can I find the possibilities thereof (command line manual of some sort)? Is there a GUI that lies on top of Exiftool to use it instead of the command line?


2016-05-11 22:47

developer   ~0002307

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you can use the "Additional ExifTool Commands". you will find these commands in the settings dialog in the tab "ExifTool". I've just tried it with the ".. Commands before GeoSetter ..".

Use this command to copy the city:

-execute "-Location:City<$Location:LocationCreatedCity"

the disadvantage of this way is, that the command will only be executed if you save your images. So you have to change something, save the image and then take back your changes and save the image again.

You can certainly extend the command above to copy more Exif fields into another field.

This is the ExifTool Homepage:
In the forum exists a section "ExifTool Gui", but I can't say anything about the GUI


2016-05-12 12:04

reporter   ~0002308

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Hi Heiko

Yes... the fields created by Photo Gallery (PG) are:
 Location Created Country Name: Germany
 Location Created Province State: RP
 Location Created City: Nittel
 Location Created Sublocation: xxx

When you create a GeoTag in PG by entering a text lookup, it uses Bing to find / confirm your entry and it completes the first three fields. You can then choose to keep the Bing proposal or update it further (including adding sublocation). PG then populates these fields and they can be seen in GeoSetter by getting the Image Info using ExifTool (CTRL-I).
See attached file <Image Info example.jpg>

In PG, I use the Sublocation for a street or to identify a landmark (eg restaurant or museum). This info is important when I switch to GeoSetter because it helps me find the the exact location on the map.

You suggested copying the city info using a command line (from Location:LocationCreatedCity to Location:City). Like Johan, I am not so confident about doing this but I can see two big advantages:
- the info can then be seen in thumbnail view in Geosetter so it is easy to select the required images manually
- the info can be Search-ed or Filter-ed easily using the existing functionality
For this solution to be excellent, however, it needs to copy all four fields. How is that done? Is it four command lines in "Commands before GeoSetter"? What are all the correct comnands?

When I save my data in GeoSetter it does not update the 'Location Created xxx' fields in the image file. Thus, if I make a correction to the data in GeoSetter (Bing is not very good, is it?) I have a situation where there are two slightly different sets of embedded data in the image file and if I look at the picture in PG it has the old Bing data.

Question: can I use the "Commands after GeoSetter" to update these four fields? What would be the command lines?

Also, if this is not possible, then next time I open the image in GeoSetter the "Commands before GeoSetter" will overwrite my corrections with the old Bing data and I will be back at step 1.




2016-05-12 12:09


Image Info example.jpg (59,124 bytes)
Image Info example.jpg (59,124 bytes)


2016-05-12 21:42

developer   ~0002309

I think the following should work:

the command to copy the Exif data from Photo Galery to the standard Exif tags:
-execute "-Location:City<$Location:LocationCreatedCity" "-Location:State<$Location:LocationCreatedProvinceState" "-Location:Province-State<$Location:LocationCreatedProvinceState" "-Location:Country<$Location:LocationCreatedCountryName" "-Location:Country-PrimaryLocationName<$Location:LocationCreatedCountryName" "-Location:Location<$Location:LocationCreatedSublocation" "-Location:Sub-location<$Location:LocationCreatedSublocation"

and this command to copy the standard Exif tags to the PG tags:
-execute "-Location:LocationCreatedCity<$Location:City" "-Location:LocationCreatedProvinceState<$Location:State" "-Location:LocationCreatedCountryName<$Location:Country" "-Location:LocationCreatedSublocation<$Location:Sub-location"

I have not tested these commands, so give them a try with test Images.


2016-05-12 21:49

reporter   ~0002310

Oeps - I'll need some time to get this done and tested ... don't have the time at this moment.
I'll be back!


2016-05-13 13:37

reporter   ~0002311

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Hi Heiko, Johan

Thanks for the useful information.

1) Immediate
- I can use the commands described by Heiko to manually move the PG data to the standard Exif fields (after importing them into GS) and then save.
- Similarly, I can copy GS data into the PG fields and save.
- This covers my basic requirements but I still need to:
    a) find and select the files that should be used (because the PG fields are not available in the custom filter / search tools)
    b) work carefully to ensure the "Commands Before / After GeoSetter" are in the correct state (ie with commands or empty) to ensure I do not overwrite other image files by accident

2) Future (no hurry... I can use the immediate solution)
- It would be nice to add these fields to the search and filter tools.
- It would be nice to have a pair of buttons / menu items that run these commands 'on screen'; this would work as follows:
    a) select photos from the thumbnails view
    b.1) click "Copy PG data to image Exif fields" to run the first set of commands on the selection; or
    b.2) click "Copy GS data to image PG fields" to run the second group of commands
    c) the thumbnails would turn red to indicate pending changes (as today)
    d) then the user can save the images (as today)



2016-05-13 13:46

reporter   ~0002312

Hi Squarmby, Heiko

Would be ideal indeed !!
And thanks for the help from you both.



2016-05-13 21:00

developer   ~0002313

you can add something like that to the commands above:

-if "not $Location:LocationCreatedCity eq ''"

the commands will be only executed if the PG tag LocationCreatedCity is not empty.

ExifTool has a very powerful command line. Perhaps it's more secure if you use ExifTool directly. But that's up to you ..


2016-07-14 20:03

reporter   ~0002318

Interesting discussion. I ran into the same issue SQuarmby described, ending up with mismatched Location information from adding Geotags using Windows Photo Gallery (WPG). WPG reads the legacy "IPTC Core" Location fields which Geosetter uses, but does not write to the "IPTC Core" instead to the "IPTC Extension" Location Created fields.

I used exiftool to read the contents of my "Photos" folder and generate a tab delimited "Photos.txt" file which includes several of the fields:

exiftool -T -Directory -Filename -Sub-Location -Country -State -City -Location -LocationCreatedSublocation -LocationCreatedCountryName -LocationCreatedProvinceState -LocationCreatedCityName -c %.6f -n -r "Photos" > Photos.txt

I then opened up the "Photos.txt" file in Excel and identified all the photos which have mismatched location information. In my case there were not many so I corrected the ones I found using exiftool and similar commands previously mentioned in the comments.

I only use Geosetter for the purpose of geotagging my photos. Also as mentioned in the previous comments I included an exifool command in the GeoSetter settings to run after update operations which copies the "IPTC Core" tags to the corresponding "IPTC Extension" Location Created tags.

Hope this helps.


2018-05-13 00:07

reporter   ~0003493

I am including a blog post on how to manage Windows Photo Gallery Geotags with GeoSetter-

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