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0001012GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:54
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001012: Image not displaying on map.
DescriptionI have several images that have been placed on the map either with geosetter or lightroom. Once exported from lightroom everything is still ok, however when uploaded to flickr and downloaded again either via flickr interface or a tool called bulkr the coordinates are missing in geosetter. Lightroom shows the coordinates but the N and W is missing, so the image is not placed on the map correctly. Exiftool shows the location section of the images and the values are correct.
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2013-01-08 20:18


Drive Lake Tahoe (1,076,441 bytes)

2013-01-08 20:18


Drive Lake Tahoe 230_5280746634_o.jpg (568,721 bytes)

2013-01-08 20:19


Drive Lake Tahoe 230_8361357727_o.jpg (568,721 bytes)


2013-01-08 20:19

reporter   ~0001875

Disregard the zip file.

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