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0001039GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Summary0001039: Time not set properly by geosetter
DescriptionGeosetter does a great job at setting date time except for the following one that is left appart:
Date/Time digitized (you can easily check this field by displaying the eiftool information on the image and grouping it by categories)

This time should be modified witht the Date/Time original when we modify it, if the photo was taken with a camera, and should be left as is if the photo was digitized with a scanner.

Maybe an option like the create date time would be enough.

This would be greatly helpful as in other software this time can be set or modified (example LR write this time automatically in the dng but do not allow you to edit it) and I often have this time different from the original time once I use geosetter, which then after a few years leads me to wonder which of these time are correct?

Thanks for the great soft
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2013-05-30 10:36

reporter   ~0001906

There also are issues between xmp:CreateDate and xmp:DateCreated.
It seems that createDate is used by lightroom as the digitized time as well

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