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Summary0001040: How to synchronization with already geo tagged images with buddy images?

Thanks a lot for this great software; probably the best. I must apologize if I am asking in wrong place. I just can't find anywhere else for the information.

I would like to use the feature of "synchronization with already geo tagged images with buddy images", however I have not been able to figure out how to do it and have not been able to find any help/instruction on the net. All mention of it only appear as an item in feature list. All instructions are about synchronizing with tracks. I have tried "Synchronize images ...", however that doesn't seem to do the work.

Basically, I have a smart phone and camera. I take photos with both interchanging. Those photos taken with smart phone are geotagged. Those with camera are not. I would like Geosetter to use the information in geotagged photos to geotag the photos taken with camera based on nearest time taken (with option to set time difference tolerance). Is this possible in Geosetter and how to do it?

Another thing I would like to ask, and haven't dare to try myself, is whether when synchronizing with tracks, will the software automatically left out those photos already been geotagged? Will there be option to choose either way (overwrite or skip)? I haven't try myself and I don't mix them up to avoid overriding the original geotagged info (which presumably more accurate).

When writing this note, I notice in the dropdown menu that there is 3.4.34 beta, however I could only find 3.4.16. Is the latest version available for download? I am sorry that I am not familiar with the development system/protocol.

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2013-06-02 20:53

developer   ~0001907

Hi Hong,

try using the latest beta version of GeoSetter. There is a sync option named "Synchronize with selected Images containing coordinates already" available. With the beta version you can also create a GPX track from your tagged images.

You can download this version under

GeoSetter will synchronize all selected images. You can use a filter to only select images without geocoordinates.



2013-06-12 14:07

reporter   ~0001908

Thanks a lot, Heiko. I was not able to get my hands on it earlier. Just tried and it works! Many thanks! This is an excellent software.

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