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0001042GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Summary0001042: request change of handling of timezones with non-zero minutes
DescriptionI understand from previous bug reports that the tagging standards do not support timezones that are not exact hours.

The problem is that any time written to the image becomes incorrect if the user uses the option to add timezone to the image.

Any other software that is aware of timezones will use the wrong time.
Geosetter will use the wrong value if I try to reassign location but I do not untick the option to use the value in the file.

If the tz minutes field is non-zero then there is no way to correctly write the tz to the image. My request is that in this case geosetter should simply disable the option.

An alternative might be to adjust the date taken for the missing minutes. This would at least make the time correct, but I do not like this option, as it no longer reflects local time. Software that does not use the TZ would be wrong. Sorting images by date/time taken would get horribly confusing unless they were all processed in exactly the same way.
Additional InformationBecause I live in UTC+10:00 I already had the option ticked to add the tz to the image, and only later realised the problem this causes.
In Central Australia the TZ is +09:30, but images are written by keeping the original local time and simply adding a timezone +09.

The consequence is that I now have thousands of images tagged with an incorrect time. Most people are going to make this mistake at least once.
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