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0001044GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Product Version3.4.34 beta 
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Summary0001044: Modify date taken of multiple images
DescriptionWith v3.4.31 I select multiple JPG images and modify date taken with command "Edit -> Edit Data..." (Ctrl-E). After modifying "taken date" and pushing the button "Set Current Values For All Selected Images..." it happens very often, that only date of one image instead of multiple images is modified. Please note, that I use read-only JPGs and I am checking the modified XMP sidecars.
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2013-06-21 15:50

reporter   ~0001909

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I just found v3.4.35 beta for download, because I did the 1st test with v3.4.31.
On the main page is still informs about v3.3.61 beta. How to know, when a new beta is available?

With v3.4.35 the bug is the same. Sometimes all selected images are highlighted as modified, but the "taken date" is not changed as requested. With e.g. modification of keywords, the selection of multiple images is handled correctly.

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