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0001045GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:52
ReporterLuekoWillms Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001045: Geosetter does not recognize GPS-Logfiles produced by Canon compact camera
DescriptionMy Canon Powershot SX230HS produces LOG files of geo coordinates, when configured to do so. Unfortunately, Geosetter does not recognize the logs as geo coordinates.

Additional InformationI'll upload such a log file as soon as I find one -- I have just found out that development of Geosetter is continuing, so I registered anew with this mantis to enter this bug report.
TagsGPS trace


2013-07-03 08:52


1305020.LOG (6,383 bytes)


2013-07-03 08:54

reporter   ~0001911

The file looks like a normal NMEA-0183 file.

Maybe it is the initial line identifying the camera which makes Geosetter refuse it.


2013-07-03 21:04

developer   ~0001912

If you replace the first line of your NMEA file with the following line GeoSetter can read your track.


I've cut the first line of your log, but that didn't help. I also have not found any information about this first line in a NMEA file.


2013-07-03 23:58

reporter   ~0001913

Last edited: 2013-07-04 00:01

The "@Sonygps/ver1.0/wgs-84" line is not too different from the

@CanonGPS/ver1.0/wgs-84/Canon PowerShot SX230 HS/21173c124b794f3e93fa46e459b265c2/003c

in the Canon file. Except that the Canon adds two more parameters, the Camera model, and the serial number of that camera. The Canon "Map utility" shows those information when loading a given GPS log/trace file:

/Canon PowerShot SX230 HS/21173c124b794f3e93fa46e459b265c2/003c

So, when Geosetter can skip over the @SonyGPS line, it should be not a too difficult task to jump over any other manufacturer identification line, too.

Well, just pick up the other interesting information, like the reference system (wgs84 in both cases). Also both manufacturer lines display a "ver1.0" as a kinda second parameter, and this might refer to a version of NMEA-0183? Or version of what?


2013-07-04 00:12

developer   ~0001914

I don't know if there is something hard coded in GeoSetter. I've tried @Canogps/ver1.0/wgs-84 (same length as the Sony string), but that did not work.

Perhaps Friedemann can say something to this issue.


2013-08-26 14:33

reporter   ~0001923

This issue seems to have been covered in a GPSBabel forum July 2012 ..
Here is a copy from the 'fix' post

This device (stupidly) marks all your points invalid (that's the "A" in the GPRMC)
In the development version, we've added an 'ignore_fix' option to the NMEA reader so when a device tells us "hey, I didn't really have a fix, but here's the position I was last turned on at..." we'll ignore

Until that version is released, you can build GPSBabel from source and use that, search and replace the ",A," with a ",V," or, better yet, bug Canon to fix their device.

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:34 PM, [hidden email] . <[hidden email]> wrote:
    Win 7: GPSBable 1.4.3
       I am trying to convert a NMEA 0183 file created by a Ganon GP-E2 GPS to a GPX file for use with Lightrroom 4.1
         The beginning of the NMEA file is:
         @CanonGPS/ver1.0/wgs-84/Canon GP-E2/0410101944

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