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0001079GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2014-04-11 18:02
Reporterwilcfry Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.4.46 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001079: Map Blank After Changing Directory
DescriptionAfter changing the map directory as instructed (issue: 001067), the map only worked for a few days. So I updated to beta 3.4.44 build 2152. The map is still blank, though I checked the directory URL again to make sure it's the new one (for new Google Maps API).
Additional InformationMy saved favorite locations still work, for adding long/lat to my images, but no map is shown. So I can't add any locations that weren't previous saved to my favorites.



2013-12-01 17:34

administrator   ~0001955

What does it mean "the map ist still blank"? In GeoSetter or in a browser? In a browser it is blank, that's normal. For all problems I know by now the new map location is the working solution, also for me, I'm just working with it. After starting GeoSetter, do you have an additional menu item on bottom of the menu "Map"? There you can see errors which occured while processing the map.


2013-12-01 21:28

reporter   ~0001960

'What does it mean "the map ist still blank"?' The map in GeoSetter does not load. 'In GeoSetter or in a browser?' All mapping services work for me in browsers; I meant this post to be about GeoSetter; I apologize for any confusion.

I can now offer more information: If I start GeoSetter *without* the map window, and then open the map, it works. I have to remember to close the map before closing the program.

(In the past, I was able to leave the map window open at all times.)


2013-12-01 21:50

administrator   ~0001961

Of course you normally don't have to close the map window. Again the question: After starting GeoSetter, do you have an additional menu item on bottom of the menu "Map"?


2013-12-01 23:18

reporter   ~0001967

'do you have an additional menu item on bottom of the menu "Map"?'

Yes. "Show Execution History" is there. It lists no errors that I can see. I have attached a screenshot. Thank you for your time.

2013-12-01 23:18



2013-12-06 04:51

reporter   ~0001987

The situation has changed now. Today, the map within GeoSetter doesn't load regardless of how I open the program, whether the map window is already present or if I open it later.

(In the non-Beta version, opening the map panel crashes the program. See attached bug report.)

2013-12-06 04:52



2014-04-11 18:02

reporter   ~0002031

I don't know how, but this seems to be fixed now. The map loads consistently for me (after some months of not working at all).

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