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0001082GeoSetterImage Datapublic2013-12-05 18:05
Reporterzava Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.4.42 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001082: Map repositions but image "flag" fails to appear when selecting georeferenced image
seems the two minor issues were fixed by V3.4.44 that I recently reported (although they still appear unassigned).

Now, again wirh 3.4.44 I saw that the map window refresh has some previously unseen problem.

I am scrolling along a list of referenced images: when I select a new image, a blue flag is highlighted and the map window is panned as necessary.
At some point, apparently after panning the map, further blue flags fail to be displayed when I select further images; map window still seems to be panned correctly (it is panned each time if "center map" is clicked), but the blue flags are not displayed anymore.
It seems I need to manually pan the map or do some manual juggling in order to get the blue flags be displayed again, which only lasts for a while.

Contrary to what stated in the heading, I am using V3.4.44 Beta (which is not available in the dropo down list).

Thank you!
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2013-12-05 15:05

administrator   ~0001971

Are you talking about the "focus marker", the purple marker with yellow dot? Or perhaps about the blue image markers which disappear from the map? Are you showing all blue markers of all images in the current folder and then selecting images and then some markesr disappear?


2013-12-05 17:31

reporter   ~0001972

I alwais referred to the blue flags (placeholders for image positions.
All flags are supposed to be displayed (although I am at a fairly close zoom, so just a few ones are shown).
As I scroll the image list, the relevant blue flag is highlighted.
At some point, usually after a map pan to a new position, I can see the map and the GPX track, but no blue flag is visible (even after some time).
If required (suc as "center map" or when the new position demands it) the map seems to correctly scroll, even when the blue flag is not displayed.
If I keep scrolling the images list, this condition may last across several images, or in some cases the display is restored on the next image.
But the problem is apparently not with the particular images: it does seem to have geo tags, and once display is restored, even these images are displayed correctly.
When the situation occurs, it seems that manually panning the map may recover the display of all the blue flags that were missed so far.
I have never noticed this in previous versions.


2013-12-05 17:38

administrator   ~0001973

Thanks for your detailed explanation. GeoSetter istself do not remove or add markers when panning the map. So it seems to be Google who may optimize the display by removing not visible markers and show them again when the location comes into view again. I have no other idea at the moment. Please note that now a completely other Google library is used than just 2 weeks before. I will try to reproduce this on my system. Still some questions:

- How many images are in your folder? All images are shown on the map with blue markers?
- How far are all these images away from each other? Maybe this is important.


2013-12-05 17:41

reporter   ~0001974

Also, selecting a different map seems to restore all blue flags.


2013-12-05 17:46

administrator   ~0001975

Hmm, then it seems to be a Google Maps problem. When searching for disappearing markers I get a lot of results:


2013-12-05 17:47

reporter   ~0001976

My folder currently contains 239 images, 236 with geo data. All are within an area of about 3x3Km, most of them are just a few meters apart, along the path.

I am not sure why Google should remove the blue flags: if it pans the map, as it does, surely the new flag is supposed to be displayed. And in fact it is after I slightly drag the map or change map type or change zoom.
Seems Google's new library occasionally "forgets" some blue flags and needs a little shaking to be reminded...


2013-12-05 17:48

reporter   ~0001977

I agree this looks like a Googlebug...
Sorry if I misreported it on Geosetter.


2013-12-05 17:49

administrator   ~0001978

236 are not so much. I hoped that you are maybe talking about thousands of markers ;-)


2013-12-05 17:50

administrator   ~0001979

> Sorry if I misreported it on Geosetter.

Absolutely no problem! It's good to know about this and I'm pretty sure that you won't be the last one who will report this to me... I will check it here and try to reproduce...


2013-12-05 18:02

administrator   ~0001980

Yes, I see, I can reproduce it... Strange... Sometimes the blue markers disappear when panning and then they appear again sometimes. I just took a look in my code. Nothing will be done with the blue markers when changing the image selection. Only the focus marker (purple with yellow dot) will be set to the new position. I would say it's not my fault, so we have ┬┤to wait for a solution by Google... :-/


2013-12-05 18:05

administrator   ~0001981

And also the purple focus marker will disappear at the same time sometimes...

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