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Summary0001104: problematic auto complete with IME (Japanese)
DescriptionThis problem was something reported several years ago,
but as this is very problematic for us Japanese (and probably many other exsotic language writers), here I would like to explain the problem once again with video clips.

To type in texts, we use something called IME or FEP (Front End Processor), which prepare texts, then it fill in to the text field at once.

Please have a look on this clip:

I wanted to type "????", but just because there was an entry in the history starting with "??", an unexpected string "?????" was filled in.

Here is also another problematic behaviour:

There was an entry, "??? ??" in the history. I wanted to replace its "?" to "?", but once it was finalized, instead of replacing, it was unexpectedly attached on the tale.

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