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Summary0001106: How do I use Geosetter to view map data on a computer not connected to the internet?
DescriptionSorry if this is already out there, but I have searched through Mantis and did not come up with a solution. Is there a way to use Geosetter with a non-internet connected computer and have local maps appear? I have to use forensic examination machines which cannot be connected to the internet. I don't have my own "Google Maps" server running, but I can have Garmin's Base Camp installed. How would I point the maps view to go to Base Camp or locally stored Open Street Maps vice the external linkage? Is there a way to do this currently?
Additional InformationI don't need full satellite imagery, just basic location maps would be great - such as country, city, state, road, etc.

PS - Geosetter is Awesome!
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2014-01-19 23:39

developer   ~0002008

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at the moment there is no way to use local maps or a local map server.


2014-04-29 15:59

reporter   ~0002037

It would be great to use OSM (Open Street Map), where you can download maps to your local computer. This would also reduce the internet traffic, very often you do not need the most actuals maps. And in addition OSM maps are more precise in some locations.

(I used OSM maps with Navigator on my Smartphone and this worked excellent without Internet connection, e.g. during my vacation in Cuba.)



2014-04-29 16:29

administrator   ~0002039

At the moment I'm using the Google Maps JavaScript API for showing and processing the map, it does not depend on the data of the map itself. So offline using is not possible because a connection to the Google server has to be used.

I'm thinking about using OpenLayers instead. Then it would be possible to use a local map server (if the user wants to) with any map data the user wants to use. Unfortunately some things are not so easy to manage with OpenLayers, for example simply dragging and moving markers in the map. Maybe this will be easier with coming OpenLayers 3.

BTW: I'm working hard on a new version of GeoSetter, but I think it will take a few months until it's finished.


2014-07-09 20:53

reporter   ~0002154

Simply being able to display tracks and photo locations on a blank map would be useful. I am sometimes in locations without internet access and would still like to be able to match tracks and photos. I don't need any background map for that but I want to be able to see where the photos are in relation to the track line. Is that possible?

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