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0001109GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Product Version3.4.48 beta 
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Summary0001109: Geotags made by some android devices are misinterpreted
DescriptionIt's not really an issue with the software, but some Anroid devices, namely my smartphone, tag GPS data in a very srange fashion, which is being misunderstood by the most of the geotag reading software, including Geosetter. I'll try to explain what i think seems to be the problem. Excuse me in advance for some silly things i might say, my understanding of how Exif and stuff like that works is really insufficient.

My phone saves the GPS info as three digits: degrees, minutes and seconds. Seconds always have one digit after comma, but it is not being separated by anything. So what actually is 35.8'' would be seen as 358 in Windows file properties (see screenshot) and as 58.00'' in Geosetter, whereas value of minutes would be higher by 300/60=5 than it is, which obviously makes the location wrong.

So what would be really nice is to have some kind of option allowing to easily convert coordinates into normal format and save it afterwards. I don't know how common this problem is, but it is certainly very actual for me, for i have more than 5000 photos saved with the wrong location data, editing them all manually is awfully tedious work, i did about 50 photos and already felt like killing everybody around, especially the developers of my smartphone software. :)
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2014-02-04 23:10


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