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0001111GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001111: Interpolate values for missing coordinates
Description    This is a request for a new feature. If this is not the appropriate mechanism for submitting it, please let me know and I'll try to do it correctly.
    In a sequence of images I have some images with correct time values (Taken Date) but missing coordinates. This arises: (1) If the camera's GPS has not established a position by the time the picture is taken, and (2) When I use images from multiple cameras, some of which do not have GPS. I do not have a GPS track file from a separate GPS unit. I have attached a screenshot of an example list of files.
    Please consider adding a feature to use linear interpolation to compute coordinates for a selected sequence of images, sorted by Taken Date (including time) when the first and last selected images have coordinate data and the in-between images have missing coordinates.
    A better version would let the user select a long list of images (sorted by Taken Date), some of which have coordinates and some without coordinates. The program would use linear interpolation to fill in all missing coordinates by linear interpolation between the coordinates of the previous image (that originally had coordinates) and the next (following, subsequent) image (that originally had coordinates).
    It would be nice to place information in an appropriate tag indicating whether the coordinates are original or computed by interpolation.
    The interpolated coordinates will all lie on a straight line and, therefore, will be approximations. The user will have to cope with that by reference to a map or otherwise. Fortunately, GeoSetter is an excellent tool for doing that.
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2014-02-08 14:38


GeoSetter Example List of Image Files.pdf (130,079 bytes)


2014-02-08 21:06

developer   ~0002011

With the latest Beta version of GeoSetter you can create GPX files from images with geo-coordinates. To do this, select the images with geo-coordinates and select "File | Export to GPX Track File". A GPX file will be created. This GPX file can be used to tag the other images.

Hope this helps.

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