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Summary0001122: Show specific distance (as a circle) from hair cross

Based on my request from

to show google maps ruler/scale again I'd like to raise another idea:

Sometimes I have images from inside a moving vehicle (bus, train, ship). There's no hint where the image has been taken besides the fact that there are other images with GPS information taken outside a few minutes before/after.
Knowing the information of the (constant) speed and direction of the vehicle, it is easy to calculate an approx. distance (with the time difference of the two images) to the other images with GPS information. e.g. 2500m

So it would be nice to have a checkbox where I could enable/disable this distance circle around the hair cross in the middle and also entering the distance in a textbox. Then it would be easy to set the pin for the images taken inside a moving vehicle (e.g. inside a cruise ship).

Hope this is clear and makes sense ;-)

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2014-03-23 13:23

reporter   ~0002022

Sorry, I forgot to change to "feature" instead of "minor"

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