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0001127GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Product Version3.4.51 beta 
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Summary0001127: ExifTool Additional Commands Presets
DescriptionI use precanned ExifTool commands during the 'save' process frequently. With the current interface (File-Settings-ExifTool) I have to enter the commands, do the save, then possible enter a different set of commands for the next image, and then save that image.

It would be nice for the user to be able to write a series of precanned commands into the settings, i.e.:

Set Common Info: -execute -XMP-CC:AttributionName="" -XMP-CC:AttributionURL="" -XMP-CC:License="" -copyright="CC 2010 Attrib NC ND" -XMP:CreatorWorkEmail="" -XMP:CreatorWorkURL="" -XMP:Creator="The Nude Hiker" -XMP:Rights="CC Attrib NC ND"

Set Image Direction: -execute -GPSImgDirectionRef="T" -GPSImgDirection="enter bearing" -GPSSatellites="4"
N=0 or 360, NE=45, E=90, SE=135, S=180, SW=225, W=270, NW=315

Set Nudity Warning: -execute -XMP-pur:AdultContentWarning="Simple, NonSexual Nudity" -XMP-plus:AdultContentWarning="Adult Content Warning Required"

Set Copyright Info: -execute -XMP-CC:AttributionName="" -XMP-CC:AttributionURL="" -XMP-CC:License="" -copyright="CC Attrib NC ND"

Set a Rating for the image (1-5 Best): -execute -XMP-xmp:Rating="5"

and allow the user to 'checkbox' on the Edit Data dialog and select which additional pre-canned ExifTool commands (if any) to use on a per image basis during a batch save.
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