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0001132GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:52
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Summary0001132: Display speed on tracks
DescriptionTracks that are uploaded to Geosetter may contain speed information.

More than 95% of the time a photograph is taken, the photographer stops and has a speed close to 0 km/h.

If tracks were plotted with speed information, it would be possible to spot positions on the track where the photographer stopped and make the association with pictures easier.

A simple way to display speed information could be to make the color dependent on the speed (ex: light red-low speed, strong red-high speed).
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2014-04-26 22:51

developer   ~0002034

I assume that your images are already synchronized with the GPS track.

To show a marker of each image with GPS data on the map turn on "Map | Show Image Positions".


2014-05-04 10:32

reporter   ~0002050

"I assume that your images are already synchronized with the GPS track."
I use the tracks and try to guess the delay of the photograph.

If I run 20m in circle on the ground just before I take a picture, I can see the circle on the track and easily spot where a picture was taken...

It would be simpler to display on tracks the parts of the tracks where the speed is near 0 km/h. If after synchronization, I see a static picture and it is not in a near 0 km/h part of track then the synchronization is incorrect.

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