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0001140GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2018-07-05 13:24
Reportercapricorn Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.4.14 Release 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001140: Improper Image Preview of Panasonic DMC-G6 RAW files
DescriptionWhen displaying DMC-G6 RAW files in the image preview window it seems that part of the color information is not included. The Image looks extremely pale, especially all red color information seems to be missing. See uploaded file.
Additional InformationPreview of DMC-G3 RAW files seem to not have this problem.

Problem also exists in latest beta 3.4.50.
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2014-05-09 19:10


Screenshot.jpg (195,264 bytes)
Screenshot.jpg (195,264 bytes)


2014-05-15 20:00

reporter   ~0002052

Sure you don't have the issue with your G3?
I have the same pale preview with both G3 and G5 Raw files!


2014-05-16 07:12

reporter   ~0002057

For none of my G3 RW2 files I could see the issue. Only G6. I don't have access to any other cam.

In the meantime, I have investigated a bit on my own. I have replaced the dcrawlib.dll used by geosetter with a more recent version I found on the web (revision 1461) with this it looks much better. Still not perfect (might be some WB issue) but for a preview it's ok.

Hope that Geosetter can include this fix as well with the next update.


2014-05-16 22:27

reporter   ~0002070

I remember indeed it had something to do with dcraw.
I was still using the "stable" version with dcrawlib
I just upgraded to found in CameraRawFiles demo on
This fix partially the issue for the G3 and G5, having also WB error, but it might be related to the way dcraw in handling the file. In comparison, FastPictureViewer (and therefore Windows via FPV codec pack) shows a much nicer picture.
Where did you find version ?


2014-05-17 00:15

administrator   ~0002075

Hi! Can you perhaps send such a RAW file to me (


2014-05-17 12:26

reporter   ~0002080

I don't know anymore and I can't find the page. I just recall that it took me quite some to find an up-to-date version.
If you don't mind, I can share the file I downloaded via my dropbox:

Here are two RAW files taken with DMC-G6:


2018-07-05 13:23

reporter   ~0003523

The new release 3.5 is using dcrawlib.dll from 2016.

The issue seems to be resolved for the rw2 of my G5 file, but I have now a G80/G81 camera which RW2 are badly shown.

Could you update the dcraw lib in 3.5.x ?

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