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0001236GeoSetterImage Datapublic2015-05-11 20:44
Reporterbselbmann Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7 Enterprise 64b
Product Version3.4.51 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.4.62 beta 
Summary0001236: GPS Track sync problems
DescriptionI use a Nikon D4 and set on the camera the world clock to the local date/time - the file create time looks like the UTC time.
for tagging the pictures which are not tagged I use the nmea (renamed .txt) files from my Solmeta Pro2 (tracking function) - the files are checked in routeConverter and looked clean and good
but whatever I set/choose in the dialog (time correction/time zone/...) and what I set in the setting (general time zone: MEZ/Germany/USA/Costa Rica) I'll get always wrong informations (if I get them) about the position:
as you can see in the screenshot -> list geotagger uses only one Trackpunkt Zeit (UTC) for all images and you can see in the right window (RouteConverter) that there is one matching point what is completely wrong:
I bought new the Pro2 and uses the Pro before
in June 2014 I use it for Spain/Thailand and got no problems
Steps To Reproduceyou can contact me via skype(icef-selbmanbe)/mail to log on via teamviewer
Additional Informationby checking "adjust time via online service" - you get no useful results anymore
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2015-01-07 19:41


wrong tag.jpg (1,241,757 bytes)


2015-05-11 14:50

reporter   ~0002203

I found out that the Someta Getagger Pro II still has a firmware bug:
They write with every picture *flush* in the log file and independently from that some bullshit/bad characters:
$NKGCS,WGS 84*11
$NKGCS,WGS 84*11
$PTNTHPR,-1.0,N,-83.7,N,-108370200000000 ]0¥ x¬!X_‚ÄVœ^ˆÓ5“ÍÜá3ãÝž¶·Á˜ü`Ûú,N,A*AD
$NKGCS,WGS 84*11

The bugfix is not solved and will misinterpret vom geosetter.

Workaround tested:
rename the Solmeta Pro II (current model) files as .nmea and open it with RouteConverter.exe, save it in a diferent folder as .nmea file produce a smaller (doubles and non readable content removed) file which can be use easy with geosetter.


2015-05-11 20:44

administrator   ~0002204

You are right, the Solmeta log file contains NULL characters which causes the standard String handling in Delphi to read the file from disk only until the first NULL-character.

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