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0001246GeoSetterImage Datapublic2015-02-21 14:06
Reporteriant Assigned ToFriedemann  
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PlatformWindows 7OSWindows 7OS Version
Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001246: Maps not showing
DescriptionI have used Geosetter successfully for years. Today the maps are not showing.

The Map Error Log says: Could not complete ... error 80020101 showMap2 (2,2, ...)

Tried and
Steps To ReproduceProblem presents on loading every time, even after reinstall and reboot.
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2015-02-18 05:58

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2015-02-18 08:17

reporter   ~0002181

Same error here. The address shows a blank page for me.


2015-02-18 15:58

reporter   ~0002182

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I'm having the same problem since yesterday (2/17/2015) and see the same error log message, but have not yet tried to reinstall the software.

Windows7 system.


2015-02-18 17:07

reporter   ~0002183

Ich habe seit heute das gleiche Problem. Windows 7, Product Version 3.4.16.


2015-02-18 17:38

reporter   ~0002184

I tried this address, Maybe OK


2015-02-18 18:45

reporter   ~0002185

As suggested by Bon I have also changed the address to under settings/map and it seems to work.


2015-02-19 07:29

reporter   ~0002186

Thank you for the tip. has worked for me.
Perhaps Friedemann can provide a list of Map File locations on the geosetter web site.


2015-02-19 10:39

reporter   ~0002187

Thank you Bon. I have also changed the address to under setting/map and ist also seems to work.


2015-02-19 13:13

reporter   ~0002188

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The Problem does not seem to be a genuine GEOSETTER Problem. I have it since yesterday morning; the evening before (2015-02-17) everything was working.

Since the same time a related problem with the program GPS PHOTO TAGGER (which is sold a bundle with some GPS Loggers) came up:
This program also cannot display maps with a given poisition any more, but it can show tracks without underlying maps. This makes me guessing the the error is spread by the map server, which might deliver a wrong Java Script file.

GPS PHOTO TAGGER only uses Google Maps, whereas GEOSETTER also uses OSM and others. However ist is not possible to switch the map source any more (to check whether others are working), as the interface for doing so also has gone dead.


2015-02-19 18:17

reporter   ~0002189

With changing the address to under setting/map the OSM also works fine in my case. I can switch to all the other maps.


2015-02-20 10:51

reporter   ~0002190

I see same problem today with Geosetter 3.4.16 (Build 2119) I have been using for many years.
The program shows an error message in Japanese something like:
error 80020101 process incomplete. ShowMap3(2,0,Latitude value, Longitude value, 14, "Label display").
I noticed similar problem with HOLUX ezTour v2.5 (Jul 8 2014), which I had been using without problem until last week from December last year.


2015-02-20 13:30

reporter   ~0002191

I have been a=having the same problem and when I change to the address given it does work but not in aerial view which I liked before. Is there an address that will make this happen again?


2015-02-20 21:31

administrator   ~0002192

I don't know why at the moment, but you are right, you have to change the map file to It's a bit strange, I didn't do any cahnges on both files, neither on gmap21.html nor on map_google.html. I provided them both about 1 1/2 years ago. Google changed the API from 2 to 3 in 2013, that's why I did it. But anyway, with map_google.htm it works (see attached screenshots).


2015-02-20 21:31


geosetter_map.jpg (135,885 bytes)
geosetter_map.jpg (135,885 bytes)


2015-02-20 21:32


geosetter_karte.jpg (147,005 bytes)
geosetter_karte.jpg (147,005 bytes)

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