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0001255GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:51
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001255: Track Buffer seems not to be refreshed when track is reloaded
DescriptionI was using the much beloved tool Geosetter to update the Geo-Data of some pictures I had taken. I used a track xyz.gpx taken by my GPS-data logger, to correlate the pictures to the physical locations of the track. While doing so, I recognized that the track showed a point very, very far away from the area I had photographed. So I stopped Geosetter, went to GPS track editor to move that track point into its correct location. I than saved the track in GPS track editor and returned to Geosetter, reloaded the pictures as well as the (now corrected) track, but Goesetter still show the track point in question in its original position. I verified with another tool (BaseCamp) that the track really contained the track point in its modified position, and yes, it was. But Geosetter continued to insist on the original location of the track point. Only after I renamed the track to xyza.gps and loaded this renamed track, did Geosetter accept the moved track point. Renaming than back to the original track name xyz.gpx and loading it, than also Geosetter showed the track point in its new location. I think Geosetter keeps the tracks in a buffer area which it did not clear before reloading the track of the same name, even though it had changed. No big deal, but may be confusing at times. I am still loving Geosetter very much
Steps To Reproduce1. Load a GPS track
2. Load some photos
3. Correlate some of the photos to the track
4. Exit Geosetter (you may save the data when Geosetter asks whether it should save the data modified so far).
5. Modify a track point with some track editor, i.e. move it to a different location
6. Start Geosetter and load the just modified track again
7. Geosetter will show the track point (moved in step 5) in the original location and not in its new location
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