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Summary0001284: Bing or Here Aerial Imagery Layer
DescriptionMight it be possible to add the option to use the standard Bing / Here aerial imagery layer in the positioning map?

For many parts of Europe, the Bing / Here aerial layer far exceeds Google for quality, resolution and coverage as Microsoft and DigitalGlobe have collected much of this new high-precision imagery from low-flying aircraft where-as Google are still using satellite imagery of varying quality and age. Some areas of Google's satellite layer in my own country are completely unusable for placing images on the map

I attach a sample image below high-lighting the differences in quality of Bing vs Google's aerial layer. These samples are from Ireland but similar comparisons can be made across much of Western Europe

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Additional Information1 JPG image file attached showing side-by-side comparison between Google Satellite and Bing Aerial imagery layers for 3 random locations in Ireland
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2015-12-08 00:56


Google_Sat_vs_Bing_Aerial.jpg (1,363,104 bytes)


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