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0001305GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:50
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001305: Problem with old keywords in files
Thanks for great program. It's help very much.
But I have "small" problem. Now I'm doing cleanup in my library with photos. And from the beginning I assign keywords to photos. In your program all is ok. But in Picassa and Lightroom still are old keywords. I search in file and I find all values. When I read metainfo from file in Lightroom, it will be correct values of keywords. How I can overwrite all old values, or delete all keywords from the file? Even if I set all the keywords empty in your program, the old values will be.
Some screenshots (settings.png - my settings of Geosetter, keywords.png - new keywords set in file, old_values_file.png - content of file, lightroom.png - keyword new and old in Lightroom, lightroom_before_read/after_read.png - read metadata from file
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2016-03-13 16:49

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2016-03-13 20:55

developer   ~0002236

Give ExifTool a try ..

you can figure out were the old data was written inside the Image and you can delete this data with ExifTool

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