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0001316GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-11-24 17:52
Reportermeesoft Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.14 Release 
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Summary0001316: Cannot import coordinates from KML files from Google maps timeline
DescriptionGoogle timeline is a very easy way to get your location tracked whenever you are carrying your phone and it can export a full day of locations to a KML file. Unfortunately GeoSetter cannot geotag images from such a file - it just says that it doesn't contain time information.
Additional InformationI have attached an example file from a days trace.
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2016-04-20 22:57


history-2016-03-12.kml (41,493 bytes)


2017-04-10 01:32


history-2017-04-04.kml (98,282 bytes)


2017-04-10 01:33

reporter   ~0002460

Just to confirm, I have the same issue. The file was downloaded fro Google Location History. Here is the error:
You didn't select a track file or your selected track file doesn't
contain any coordinates including date time information.

Would you like to try again?
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2017-11-24 11:21

reporter   ~0003269

Hello. I see the problem not decided. Do exist any method (e.g. convert to gpx) to solve it? GPSBabel and didn't help.


2017-11-24 17:52

reporter   ~0003270

I don't know of a workaround. I think it would be possible to make a minor modification to the file in order to get it to import but I'm not sure what that modification would be, unfortunately. :(

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