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0001326GeoSetterImage Datapublic2016-07-28 21:15
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Summary0001326: Altitude issue
DescriptionI fly a Phantom 3 quadcopter, I have used GeoSetter for a number of years to check the locations of where I have taken the aerial photos and to see what elevation I was at when I took the photo. Somewhat recently DJI the maker of the quadcopter changed something in their EXIF data so GeoSetter will no longer read the correct altitude. GeoSetter reads the "Absolute Altitude" instead of the "Relative Altitude" as shown on the attached screen shot. My question is there anyway to make GeoSetter read the "Relative Altitude" which is the correct elevation that the image was taken at instead of the "Absolute Altitude" that is no where near the correct elevation. There are a lot of Phantom Quadcopter owners that have been looking for a program that will give the correct altitude. Thanks, Ken
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2016-07-24 04:47


Geo_Setter.jpg (115,410 bytes)
Geo_Setter.jpg (115,410 bytes)


2016-07-25 21:58

developer   ~0002320

I think GeoSetter is using "GPS Altitude". You can try to copy the "Relative Altitude" to "GPS Altitude" using ExifTool. GeoSetter also offers "Use Additional ExifTool Commands before/after GeoSetter Commands". You can also use this function to copy the tags.


2016-07-26 02:06

reporter   ~0002322

Thanks for the reply. GeoSetter is reading the "GPS Altitude" but the altitude info in that field is incorrect and the correct altitude info is in the "Relative Altitude" field unfortunately I have no programming experience so I'm lost as to how to solve the problem with your suggestions and get it to show correctly.


2016-07-26 20:02

developer   ~0002324

In my opinion the "GPS Altitude" is absolutely OK. Only for your special case it's not OK :-)

Can you upload an image with this "wrong" data, then I'll take a look on it.


2016-07-27 03:10

reporter   ~0002328

Attached is a shot that I did from aprox 295 feet (90m) and GeoSetter reads the other field and shows it as aprox 1143ft (348m). The quadcopter only has a maximum altitude of 400ft.


2016-07-27 03:13


DJI_0166.JPG (219,293 bytes)
DJI_0166.JPG (219,293 bytes)


2016-07-27 20:46

developer   ~0002329

if GeoSetter should copy the tags you can use the "Additional ExifTool Commandos". Open the Settings and change to the tab "ExifTool". Activate "Use Additional ExifTool Commands after GeoSetter Commands" and enter the following command:

   -execute "-GPSAltitude<$RelativeAltitude"

When you save an image, the RelativeAltitude will be copied to the tag GPSAltitude. The disadvantage of this way is, that every time you save your Image the RelativeAltitude will be copied. You can not change the GPSAltitude manually.

You can also use ExifTool directly.
For a single file:
exiftool "-GPSAltitude<$RelativeAltitude" -m -P -overwrite_original dji_0166.jpg
for a Directory:
exiftool "-GPSAltitude<$RelativeAltitude" -m -P -overwrite_original c:\pics\test

Hope this helps


2016-07-28 04:08

reporter   ~0002330

Thanks for your help. Your examples worked fine. I ended up using ExifTool and doing a complete directory conversion, while not as convenient as just opening up GeoSetter and seeing the correct altitude under all the thumbnails it did get the job done. Thanks again, Ken


2016-07-28 21:14

developer   ~0002331

just for your info: adding the -r parameter to the ExifTool command will process the directories recursively (with subdirectories)

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