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0001327GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2016-07-26 19:58
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Summary0001327: Perl regular expression for rename
DescriptionHow can I use a PCRE in a rename operation?

For example, I want to rename IMG_4711 to FOO_4711.

I tried {Filename;s/IMG/FOO/} but it didn't work.
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2016-07-25 22:28

developer   ~0002321

GeoSetter does not support Perl regular expressions, but you can use the following pattern in the "Rename Image Files" dialog: FOO_{Filename:5-12}


2016-07-26 09:26

reporter   ~0002323

Thanks for the hint. This is a viable method for the camera default names. Not so much for more complicated cases, but these are less important.

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