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0001344GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-30 19:10
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Summary0001344: Destination coordinates for location lookup?
DescriptionCan I use the destination coordinates for geonames location lookup? This would be useful for aerial photos where the destination is to be described, not the location of the camera.
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2016-10-15 18:41

reporter   ~0002358

The more aerial pictures I tag the more I would like to have the possibility to use the destination coordinates for geonames location lookup! The "location" is mostly not usable because the distance between camera and destination is more than 1km.


2017-05-30 19:10

reporter   ~0002574

I suggest a checkbox "prefer the destination coordinates for geonames query". If an image has no destination coordinates, a fallback to the camera coordinates makes sense.

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