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0001371GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2016-12-30 21:17
Reporterpetergabor Assigned Toheiko  
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Summary0001371: 0001358 does not solved
DescriptionUnfortunately the problem described in 0001358 still exist.
It is OK till I refresh (pressing F5) Geosetter. After refreshing the same problem occurs which were described in 0001358:
1. The map image freezes in position and scale.
2. The map type cannot be changed
3. The GPX tracks are not visible. However, GPS positions of photos ARE visible, and appear to scale in position, if an attempt is made to change the map scale
4. The frozen map cannot be eliminated by closing and re-opening it.

Change the map settings (File > Settings > Map > Map File)solves the problem temporaly. I wrote every time a different address into File > Settings > Map > Map Address > Map File. It worked till next refreshing.

BTW. Can I add a comment to an issue with 'resolved' status? I find 'add note' button only for open issues.

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2016-12-05 23:43

developer   ~0002434

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have you deleted the cache of the internet explorer?


2016-12-07 20:27

reporter   ~0002435

Same here, 1368 hasn't solved the problem.


2016-12-07 20:53

reporter   ~0002436

Yes, I have deleted the cache. Even in the developer tool.


2016-12-11 13:45

reporter   ~0002437

Any news with this?


2016-12-23 08:43

reporter   ~0002444

Is there any update on this issue?


2016-12-26 14:00

reporter   ~0002445

I'm with you Peter!
No response any more?


2016-12-29 17:42

reporter   ~0002446

Unfortunately nobody cares for this problem here anymore.
So I did a little research on a test machine on my own.
For all of you who have installed the latest acceptable OS from MS (Windows 7) but havn't updated IE cause you just need that crap once to download another web browser you should update it anyway. After that Geosetter should work as expected.
A little hint from the developer would have been nice :-(


2016-12-30 21:17

developer   ~0002448

I assume, that 99,9% of the Windows users have a full patched system, so it's nearly impossible to find such a problem. And there was no note, that you are working with an outdated version of IE ..

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