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0000155GeoSetterImage Datapublic2008-01-26 16:30
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Summary0000155: Add batch output to text file feature
Descriptionrequested new feature: after association of images with gps track file, an aggregate output of gps data, filename, and UTC offset to a text file would be very helpful. I have been using OziPhotoTool to generate just such a text file so that I can import data into an Access database, but Geosetter is now a nicer tool for embedding gps data into the image EXIF and just needs this one feature (output of gps data to individual text files for each image does not meet the need). Thank you for considering this suggestion
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2008-01-25 19:57

administrator   ~0000323

Do you perhaps have an example file?


2008-01-25 21:55

reporter   ~0000324

Would´nt it be a coma separated value (filetype *.csv) list ? That will be importable to excel and easy to read with an editor


2008-01-26 02:25

reporter   ~0000327

Likewise this is a feature I would like to see as well. I currently use IDimager Lite to create a csv file which I then export into an Access database. Ideally control over the fields being exported would be useful but if that adds too much work then just export the lot. It's simple enough to delete columns in Excel. I'll attach a simple example file which contains just a few records. Thanks for considering this.


2008-01-26 16:30

reporter   ~0000332

After looking more carefully at things, I think that the data displayed in the default report view would be quite sufficient output to a .csv file--with some minor modifications. My intent has always been to maintain gps data for images, but I rather like the idea of having all those other EXIF fields in the database as well.

1. Add latitude and Longitude in separate fields and each output to 6 decimal places (but keep the current latitude,longitude field format, because that it sometimes handy for a copy and paste into mapping software).
2. UTC offset of image taken date/time.

I am uploading oziphototool_sample.txt to give you samples of the ozi output and the fields I need in my database.

It would also be helpful if csv output was to a default filename/location (with user option to change). The point is to have a file with a known name in a known location, so that one can establish a persistent link from within a database and then run queries without having to change properties (see workflow below).

It would also be helpful to have the option of appending to the current default .csv file contents or overwriting (there are times when each would be most efficient). This is a feature of OziPhotoTool output that I like. A further option would be to have the .csv output automatically created as part of the image-gps track synchronization, or to have a switch for outputting at any time.

My workflow in OziPhotoTool:

-select images
-select .plt track file
-set UTC offset
-run routine to synchronize gps and images (without outputting to file, because OziPhotoTool requires creation of copy .jpg to write to EXIF)--this outputs data to default output.wpt file (.csv file, the one I link to from Access). I can set overwrite or append in configuration before running.
-run append query in Access to append .csv contents to my image gps table (link to .csv file pre-established and query based on that link pre-saved).

In Geosetter with a .csv output feature, my workflow would be very similar, except that I would write the gps data to EXIF in each file as part of the process. I have Nikon D200 and D300 .nef files typically, so having the gps data in EXIF would ensure persistent through multiple edits and eventual output to .jpg.

Finally, it would be handy if Geosetter could read any group of files that already had gps data in EXIF and then output the exif data as discussed above to the .csv file.

I hope this clarifies some.

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