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0000163GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2008-01-28 21:21
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Summary0000163: additional iptc/xmp fields for event/people
Descriptioni used to tag/categorize my pics with iview media pro (now microsoft expression media). the application supports two iptc fields i liked a lot: event and people. i would appreciate to see/edit them in geosetter as well.

i use the field event for assigning a bunch of pictures the topic, e.g. "X-Mas trip to XYZ". in people i list all people by names visible on a picture (comes in handy if you later wanna retrieve all pics of one specific person).

if found a list with helpful mappings between iptc/xmp and common applications:

it looks like there is not a corresponding xmp field for event. now i wonder what other folks use instead. is there a better field?
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2008-01-28 20:48

administrator   ~0000346

Can you please send me such an image with filled data for "event" and "people" to


2008-01-28 21:21

reporter   ~0000347

i will send you the pic later.

i think geosetter should - if possible - show all fields supported by major other applications such as lightroom, photoshop, ... see the pdf mentioned in the description for an overview.

two other such fields are iptc sence and iptc subject code. for both a list and xml file can be downloaded at

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