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0001896GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2018-05-18 15:08
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PlatformMac ProOSWindows 10 ProfessionalOS Version10
Product Version3.4.14 Release 
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Summary0001896: Hangs when over 10k files in directory
DescriptionIf I start the program and there are close to 10k files for example currently 9856 it starts to display thumbnails and the black spinning circle over some of them freeze, when I examine in Resource Monitor it appears that one core of the CPU is 100%. I assume its forking exif for each of those photos because if I let it set long enough usually a few hours it will be come responsive again.I have 32GB and 2x6 core Xenon processors so is just that one core that's pegged rest of server is idle. Also checked the IO on the disk the images are stored on and that's not a bottle neck. Perhaps it exists but a user setting to tell it that it can use more than one core would be nice :-)
Steps To ReproduceJust put 10,000 photos in a single directory and launch the app.
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