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0001970GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2021-01-29 12:34
Reporterothmarmarti Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001970: Google claims that maps do not work
DescriptionOn startup google issues a warning: maps not working properly. See geosetter1.png
Closing the alert and using openstreetmap everything seems to work properly.
Switching to google maps (any version) gives "for developmental purpses only" (see geosetter2.png)

Windows 10 build 1803 with all the updates
Steps To ReproduceJust start the program
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2018-09-07 20:50


geosetter2.png (2,149,491 bytes)
Geosetter1.png (1,323,106 bytes)


2018-09-07 21:01

administrator   ~0003534

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Yes, that's a big problem! Unfortunately I received an invoice on Monday from Google for the map usage in August over about 250 Euro. Today I had a phone call with Google and I hoped they will maybe increase my free map load limit. But they won't. That's why I limited the daily map loads today from 25.000 to 1.000, which then will cost "only" About 80 Euros. I will write a blog entry on my web page in the next days. The only solution will be for the future, that every user have to register his own Google key. I will provide the map files then for download and the users can save them wherever they want and they have to fill in their private Google key. That's the only solution I see at the moment. Another solution will be to get something like a sponsering by someone ;-) For me myself it's by far too expensive to pay 250 or 300 Euro each months… I'm totally sorry About it!!!! :-(


2018-09-07 21:06

administrator   ~0003535

Additional info: Google changed their pricing model for Google Maps about 2 months ago. That's why it costs now and didn't for years...

Erik Krause

2018-09-09 17:20

reporter   ~0003536

Perhaps OSM and Bing could be an alternative. OSM could be enhanced a bit allowing to use the bicycle layer (which adds height lines and shaded terrain). Bing is used as a background layer by OSM editors. In fact those editors allow for a lot more imagery resources, like DigitalGlobe or Esri aerial images.


2018-09-10 14:08

administrator   ~0003537

> Perhaps OSM and Bing could be an alternative.

No, unfortunately not. OSM and Bing are offering Maps, but not a JavaSript API to handle these Maps, as Google do with their Google Maps JavaSript API. The only alternative I see is OpenLayers. But then I have to set up a map server for my own. And all the stuff for handling the map has to be recoded from scratch...

Erik Krause

2018-09-10 20:51

reporter   ~0003539

I guess you know already, but just in case:


2018-09-20 22:40

reporter   ~0003545

OSM is quite often better and more detaild than Google (especially in the remote areas where I am concerned, Google is often just a blank green swath, while OSM seems to report many more secondary paths).
The only reason why I am most often using a Google background is just that for some reason OSM background severely limits the max zoom leevel vs. Google (and this is, for my purpose, a major difference).
If the same zoom level could be displayed, I would most often use OSM as a background.

A kind of alternative solution (even better for some purposes) would be to be able to use georeferenced images as a background.
Although this does require some extra work and competence, it does allow a higer level of personalization.
I am using GS for a sistematic survey of WWI installation and I have a full coverage of historical maps from the military archives which I have digitized and referenced.

Needless to say, the Google maps would be a far more general solution for most users...

What about asking users to pay a small fee for using GS?
Depending on the user base, I suppose a small fee may be enough to cover a 300€ monthly fee to Google...

On the other hand, it would be a shame if GS would be doomed by Google's price policyt or by the lack of a suitable alternative...
Just ideas...

Hope a solutions does emerge after so much great work!


2018-09-21 11:07

reporter   ~0003546

By the way, I would not dismiss this issue as "minor"...
The lack of a background map heavily impacts the program's effectiveness...


2018-10-02 18:56

reporter   ~0003547

I suggest to consider adding a subscription model for Geosetter to cover the costs. If every user pays a few €/year you should be able to cover the costs and subscribing users would see full Google maps again. I'd be happy to join this group. I love Geosetter since many years. I looked at a few alternative applications, but Geosetter is simply the best in terms of versatility and Map/route visualization.


2018-10-08 18:50

reporter   ~0003549

I would find more "fair" that each user uses his own API key to connect to Google Maps.
In such case each user would pay - or not - based on his own usage.
This will also allow a broader use of Geosetter, since there will be nothing to pay for a basic usage (as of today).
Thank you anyway for this great tool!


2018-10-08 19:11

reporter   ~0003550

@DenisPac: I agree it would be more fair under several respects, yet we all know that each unfamiliar click required on the users will half the users' number!
How many will be willing to learn what an API is and how to get such key?
Paying a small fee is easy anf familiar, anybody can do it and also has the additional "fairness" that the whole program we like gets some reward, not just Google API...
Of course the choice is up to the developer, but it seems that the issue of having no map below our images is not being considered very important...while instead I think in the long term will undermine the users base.
Keep up this great work!


2018-10-09 16:57

reporter   ~0003551

@zava e @DenisPac: sono d'accordo con tutte e due. Mi piacerebbe, se @Friedemann è d'accordo, di avere due possibilità: Geosetter completo di mappe pagando un corrispettivo e un Geosetter con l'uso di una propria chiave APi (che per un uso personale è praticamente gratuita). Nulla toglie che il progetto deve continuare e che è doveroso donare magari solo il costo di una birra o un caffè.


2018-10-25 16:31

reporter   ~0003557

How can I get my own API key from Google and apply it to GeoSetter to solve this problem. To bad to see a great program (and the developer :) to be the victim of changed pricing!


2018-11-22 00:20

reporter   ~0003571

My vote would be providing affordance for end-user Google Maps API keys and to preferentially use such a key, if available. Frequent users would likely jump through the hoops and would thus significantly lower the load on program key.


2018-11-22 11:21

reporter   ~0003572

In fact, not much seems to be going on about this issue.
So it is not clear what is the case: is the issue considered non significant? (which I disagree, because having images georeferenced on... no map does seem to make GS somehow pointless); or is GS a dead/frozen project? (a big shame, given how good the program is!)
It may be a problem of financial support, but I am confident that users would be happy to participate a support policy if one was proposed.
Yet the long lasting silence over this issue does not seem promising...

I hope such great project is not dead!


2018-11-27 17:09

reporter   ~0003574

I tried to download and change the API-Key to my own, as suggested. But this workaround does not work, or I am missing something important. Could anybody give me a hint, how to do this correctly. Or do I need additional files?

Erik Krause

2018-11-27 17:52

reporter   ~0003577

gsommer, where did you get the suggestion to use a modified map_google.html? And how would you point geosetter to it?

Erik Krause

2018-11-27 18:11

reporter   ~0003578

Ok, I found it out: You need the source code of Copy it in a new file and place it on your computer. Change the api key in the googlapis call (with a plain text editor of course). In geosetter go to File->Settings->Map->Map Address and Layers and under Map File insert the URL of the file like in a browser: f.e. file:///D:/my/path/to/map_google.html - with your particular drive letter and path of course.


2018-11-27 23:51

reporter   ~0003579

To make Markers visible again add the following tag to the local map_google.html file after <meta> tags:
<base href="">

Nice solution Erik Krause. Everything works as aspected with personal API-Key and clear map.


2018-11-28 12:33

reporter   ~0003580

Erik Krause, this is exactly, what I did, but the file is not accepted by GeoSetter. If I display the original online URL in the browser, I get a blank page. If I do the same with the changed local file, I get a display of HTML code. So something works completely different after editing the downloaded file. Maybe adding <base href=""> will make it work. I will try it, but doubt it.

I used Visual Studio Code to change the Key. I can try another editor maybe. Ah yes and the saved file has a different name. This could also be the problem (I will check it in the evening).


2018-11-28 14:11

reporter   ~0003581

Also many thanks to Erik and Rolf!
In the beginning, I had some problems since GeoSetter wouln't recognize the modified file. Not sure, what exactly the problem was (saved in Firefox. extension .htm instead of .html, path names with embedded spaces ...?) After displayed the source code in a browser, select all, copy and paste into an empty text editor, changing the key adding a line according to Rolf's suggesting, saving in the root with extension .html and works fine now!


2018-11-29 00:04

reporter   ~0003582

Thank you all for the tips. It works for me too now.


2018-11-29 13:27

reporter   ~0003583

I understand that the solution of obtaining a private API key and then directing GS to use it for displaying maps seems viable and effective.
So now it would be very appreciated if some more skilled user could post a dummy-proof instruction as to how to do this, possibly a simple, step by step guide to
- how to obtain an API key
- how to direct GS to use it

Since no "native" solution seems to be available, I guess this would be a great contribution!
Thank you in advance!


2018-11-29 14:36

reporter   ~0003584

Yes please!!


2018-11-29 14:54

reporter   ~0003585

See for how to get an API key. You need to register and provide a credit card number(!). However, are certain number of accesses per month is free. Google claims, the number is high enough, so "normal" users would never pay - we will see ...
Not sure, what you have to configure in your Google configuration, to get it to work with GeoSetter. I requested the key several months ago, to get another application (RouteConverter) to work. The process was not straight forward and there was some discussion in the forum for RouteConverter.


2018-11-29 17:35

reporter   ~0003586

Thank you WilfriedB, this seems to be the first half of the solution (getting the API key).
Reading the current, updated pricing conditions, though, it appears that since July 2018 there's no "free quota": users used to be entitled to get 25.000 map loads per day for free; now all map loads are charged (0,007USD/load up to 100.000 loads/day).
So now ALL loads are charges, and using the previously free quantity (25.000 loads) would now cost above 150USD...).
Also, it is not clear exactly what a "map load" is and how many map loads a normal use of GS will generate...

Finally, a "how to" guide would now be required in order to describe what to do in order to get GS to work with the API key.
If anybody cares to make it available, thank you in advance!


2018-11-29 18:03

reporter   ~0003587

To make the configuration steps more clear, I wrote a little HowTo. Use it at your own risk ;-)

HowTo-GeoSetter API.pdf (135,215 bytes)


2018-11-29 18:52

reporter   ~0003588

Thank you RolfW!
Very neat, it worked straight away!
Now I just need be very careful with Google invoicing the map loads, it is surely not clear how much that may cost.
At least, I now have a proper map loaded again!


2018-11-29 19:15

reporter   ~0003589

Zava, after logging into your Google account, you can open the "Pricing Calculator" Her you can see the prices for usage of the API and your current balance ("Estimated monthly cost Includes recurring $200 credit" in my case)


2018-11-29 19:19

reporter   ~0003590

The "Google Cloud Console" provides you with actual usage:


2018-12-02 18:56

reporter   ~0003593

Thanks to @Erik Krause and @RolfW!!
Base on their tips I could make GeoSetter work again. Great!!


2018-12-03 20:21

reporter   ~0003594

Special Thanks to RolfW - I followed your HowTo Guide in it works great again!


2018-12-07 23:23

reporter   ~0003603

Although the tips to get the map to show up again works, there still is a problem, a big one. The search box is no longer usable. When you search for a location or address, you'll get: "what you searched for .. was not found"

Does anyone have a fix for that?

Erik Krause

2018-12-08 16:50

reporter   ~0003605

According to you need to activate the geocoding api for your key. Will test on monday...


2018-12-08 17:22

reporter   ~0003606

I did the steps of the RolfW's HowTo, but I see a grey area with a sentance "Hoppla! Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Google Maps wurde auf dieser Seite nicht richtig geladen. Technische Details dazu entnimmst du der JavaScript-Konsole."


2018-12-08 18:16

reporter   ~0003607

@Erik Krause Thank you for your reply. Yes, my api key is already activated, but the search feature doesn't work.


2018-12-08 18:23

reporter   ~0003608

@Mapr: I never experienced any problems with the search, neither before Google changed its policies nor when the map showed "only for development" nor now using my own API key. I'm not sure whether the Google API is indeed used for the search or rather GeoNames instead. Please verify under Settings -> Internet -> GeoNames. The "Adddress of GeoNames Free Webservises" should be .


2018-12-08 18:56

reporter   ~0003609

Just to be clear to anyone reading or replying. The google search that I say is no longer working, is the map search box in geosetter itself.

I've attached a screen shot of the area I am speaking of .

Geosetter.jpg (91,991 bytes)
Geosetter.jpg (91,991 bytes)


2018-12-08 19:00

reporter   ~0003610

@Mapr: This is exactly the search, I meant. But we don't know, if this really uses Google or GeoNames instead. Therefroe I suggested to verify the settings for GeoNames.


2018-12-08 19:11

reporter   ~0003611

@Mapr: For the search feature to work properly, you need to add to add Geocoding API to your API Project. Go to API-Dashboard, open Library, search for Geocoding API and add it to your project.


2018-12-19 20:54

reporter   ~0003616

@U564533: same problem here.

After program start the map is shown for a short moment, then the error message "Hoppla..." appears. Also, there is no traffic shown in the API-Dashboard.

Apart from creating an API key, does one have to explicitly activate any specific API (other than Geocoding)? If not, what else can be the cause for the error?


2018-12-19 21:11

reporter   ~0003617

@geewee: You also need to activate certain APIs on you Google account. Here is a description in German language . Not sure whether GeoSetter needs all four APIs described on that page, though, but it works fine for me RouteConverter as well as for GeoSetter.


2018-12-19 21:34

reporter   ~0003618

OK, I have activated two more APIs and now it works: Maps Static and Maps JavaScript.


2018-12-20 01:50

reporter   ~0003619

Works here too, had to active the 2 APIs. For German users I attached a howto. Friedemann should publish it to the homepage

Geosetter Fehler Google-Karte.pdf (297,908 bytes)


2018-12-21 18:13

reporter   ~0003620

@RolfW Thank you, it looks like all I had to do was to enable the Geocoding API. Everything works now. Thank you, and thank you all who helped me with this!


2018-12-24 15:44

reporter   ~0003621

Christmas present (from whom)??....I have no personal Google API key/Acc't and the Google maps works this morning.
Merry Christmas!

2018-12-24_074013.jpg (368,038 bytes)


2018-12-24 15:49

reporter   ~0003622

Before I implemented my own personal API key I noticed the same daily: When you start GeoSetter in the morning (but not too early) it would work fine. I assume, in that case Friedeman's account is charged for that, so I decided to use my own key instead to be fair.


2018-12-31 23:58

reporter   ~0003623

@rolfw - thanks for the instructions

I have maps working but cannot get anything to search. Both that Javascript API and Static API are enabled. No luck. Search returns "location not found".

Some clarification also on the current pricing as of Jan 1, 2019. There is a $200 credit applied each month which covers approx 28,000 calls. So while it's not "Free" it is for a lot of calls.

google api.PNG (39,256 bytes)
google api.PNG (39,256 bytes)


2019-01-01 01:26

reporter   ~0003624

As I mentioned in 0003611 you need to add Geocoding API to your API project.
Happy new year!


2019-01-01 01:54

reporter   ~0003625

Thanks @rolfw Missed that. Working now.


2019-01-01 20:16

reporter   ~0003626

Thanks to all for the help setting up the google API. I have one question left: What do I select at "API-Restrictions"? I am not sure, what to do. I appreciate any cmments!

Erik Krause

2019-01-01 20:24

reporter   ~0003627

If you use the page on your local computer where there won't be any chance your api key gets exposed to the broad public you don't need any restrictions.


2019-01-26 13:43

reporter   ~0003677

Is there a way to disable Google maps altogether and use OpenStreet maps only?
I’m asking this because I’ve noticed that loading Google maps has been intermittent: it doesn’t load most of the time (as expected) but eventually loads on some (sunny?) days.
Another thing I’ve notice is when Google maps doesn’t load the UI interface is very slow. I haven’t done extensive tests but am quite sure there is a correlation.

Erik Krause

2019-01-26 18:05

reporter   ~0003679

Currently not (as far as I'm aware of). Even OSM is loaded via google maps API. Google maps works as long as the use count is below a certain threshold. The only option ATM is to register with google maps API and use this as written above.


2019-01-26 18:18

reporter   ~0003680

During the last two or three weeks I also experience extremely long response times when I start GeoSetter. I use a personal API since November 2018 and in the beginning I had even the impression, it was faster than using Friedewald's key.


2019-01-26 23:43

reporter   ~0003681

It would be nice if the publisher would update software to enable easy API Key entry.


2019-01-29 06:43

reporter   ~0003688

I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable annual fee for this software to ensure full access to the map.

Is that a possibility?

Erik Krause

2019-02-24 14:46

reporter   ~0003698

Earlier in this discussion Friedemann wrote there is no javascript API for OpenStreetMap. This is not entirely true. I recently stumbled across the open source leaflet.js API, which can use a lot of different tile providers. See for examples. Of course this API also offers markers, popups, polygons and various other layers. itself uses leaflet.js. May be it is possible to rewrite the complete map_google.html to use leaflet instead. API reference:


2019-04-11 21:24

reporter   ~0003703

Just a quick heads up to people wanting to use OpenStreetMap (the map layer, not the API) in GeoSetter: it is perfectly possible to add those layers if you are self-hosting the map. It involves adding new layer definitions inside the showMap3 function. I've attached my modified HTML map file.

geosetter-osm.png (553,815 bytes)
geosetter.htm (59,431 bytes)


2019-06-04 12:33

reporter   ~0003724

@pbb Tried the geosetter.htm you provided but unfortunately it doesn't work. Could you please describe the procedure to ensure the functionality? By the way I use in a personal project for adding the GPS location to m2ts-files the leaflet-API and I avoid the use of Google maps jsAPI.


2019-06-10 00:24

reporter   ~0003725

@OsmImage, did you point GeoSetter to the file? File > Settings > Map > Map Address and Layers > Map File.

Also, it might be that the HTML file only works from a webserver, not as a local file.


2019-06-10 00:24

reporter   ~0003726

@OsmImage, did you point GeoSetter to the file? File > Settings > Map > Map Address and Layers > Map File.

Also, it might be that the HTML file only works from a webserver, not as a local file.


2019-06-10 12:30

reporter   ~0003727

@pbb, thanks for your reply and yes, I did the settings inside Geosetter and furthermore I added in your geosetter.htm, as written above by RolfW, the <base href=""> to include all the scripts and icons Geosetter applies. Doesn't function.

Why it should not work as a local file? If there are all the refs included then it should.


2019-12-12 15:53

reporter   ~0003767

Hello, everybody,
I have my own API-Key and integrated it as described here. So I edited the map_google.html and entered my key.
That all works now so far.
My only problem are the image markers in the map, they are no longer visible. What else have I done wrong?
Can one of you help me?

Thank you very much


2020-02-07 17:45

reporter   ~0003783

Hmm... I had applied the fix and had worked but now I get the "developmento only" warning again.
I checked the "how to " guide I had then used, but Acrobat cannot open it anymore, saying it's damaged!?
Has the issue changed? Was the guide removed?
Anybody knows better?
Thank you!


2020-02-07 18:10

reporter   ~0003784

@zava, do you mean this PDF?

HowTo-GeoSetter Google (120,120 bytes)


2020-02-14 09:37

reporter   ~0003786

Sorry, but I already tried every thing I could find here, but stll, I can't use search.
1) When using file:// ...... the changed maps_google.html does not work.
2) I put the map_google.html on my site and there it works ...
But, Which API are really needed for use with geosetter ? Eveybody is talking that a key is needed (I have one for my proper usage, but I can't use the search-option for a locality and that I need)
Direction.api is for as far I can see no more free in use
Geocoding.api is free, and is activated in my proper key.

When I enter a place to search for, I got errors in a javascript ?

Any help is welcome.


2020-02-14 10:17

reporter   ~0003787

@wim_van: It is not enough to enter a valid key, instead you also need to enable your Google account for one or more APIs (which is not so straight forward). Before using my own key for GeoSetter, I did so for Routeconverter following the instructions out lined here : .


2020-02-14 18:02

reporter   ~0003788

Strange ?
I did enable my google account. I too have some developments where I use maps from google, it is from there that I own a key.
When I look to Routeconverter, somewhere I found out that next API's are required. I looked to the API I already enabled for my key.
Maps Java Script API: is enabled and is free of charge
Directions API: is not enabled. It costs minimal 5 Euro/month to use it
Geocoding API: is enabled and is free of charge
Maps Elevation API: is not enabled. it costs minimal 5 Euro/month to use it

I have also other API's enabled.
If direction and maps elevation is really needed, I'll pass. 120 Euro /year just to make a search possible ...
My API-key permits to use googlemaps .... So, I just lack the search. It is by trying to use the search I got the javascript-error
Geosetter by the way is a marvel


2020-02-14 18:47

reporter   ~0003789

"costs minimal 5 Euro/month" is quite correct. There is a certain number of requests free each months. I don't remember the details now, but that was part of the discussion in the RouteConverter forum. In any case, so far I did not pay anything.

grafik.png (26,586 bytes)
grafik.png (26,586 bytes)


2020-02-14 18:48

reporter   ~0003790

Ooops should have been: "costs minimal 5 Euro/month" is NOT quite correct.


2020-02-16 16:22

reporter   ~0003791

OK, I'll give it a try. Thanks.
Just did not found any response why I have to call for the modified maps_google.html on my site and that I can't run it from a local folder on my desktop as mentioned in the documentation.


2020-02-17 08:50

reporter   ~0003793

I changed the modules for the key. At first view all is working nicely, but...
When I request to search for a town, I always get the result '<townname> is not found'
Can there be somewhere a rpoblem with http and https ? I found some urls containing http (not secured connection) ?



2020-02-17 11:45

reporter   ~0003794

@wim_van: This problem has been discussed further up in this thread ( and the suggestion was: "For the search feature to work properly, you need to add to add Geocoding API to your API Project. Go to API-Dashboard, open Library, search for Geocoding API and add it to your project."


2020-02-18 08:15

reporter   ~0003796

Thanks fo the time you invest. But, Geocoding Api is since several years a module in my project, so in my colleciton of enabled API.
All mentioned API's here on the forum are enabled (Only Direction API and Elevations API were diabled and are now enabled too).
But, I have a stupied work arround. In I do the search, copy the coordinates and put these in Geosetter. When done, geosetter shows me the wanted place and I can continue.


2021-01-21 15:29

reporter   ~0003847

I did everything what was in instruction HowTo-GeoSetter Google API.pdf
I got my API key, pasted it into map_google.html file, put <base href=""> after meta tags.
Then changed Map File location in Geosetter.
Unfortunetely I see this communicate when I open GeoSetter :( "Oops! Somenthing went wrong. This page didnt load Google Maps correctly.
See the JavaScript console for technical detail"
What do I do wrong?

api.jpg (139,181 bytes)
api.jpg (139,181 bytes)
Geosetter-2.jpg (224,071 bytes)
Geosetter-2.jpg (224,071 bytes)

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