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Summary0002009: Imagesize is displaying wrong
DescriptionIn one particular folder, the image size in Geosetter is listed as "4032x3024" for both files with the size "4032x3024" and "3024x4032". This makes it impossible for me to rename my images with the resolution in title.
 It appears that Geosetter is deciding to list the largest size first, as an image with the size "1920x3412" is being displayed as "3412x1920".
Please note, this doesn't happen with every single folder of photos I have, it does work sometimes , and I know that the metadata is correct, as Windows explorer tells me the correct image resolution. It is also not due to the camera (iPhone SE) as other photos taken with the same camera do not reproduce this affect.
Is there a setting that I have wrongly ticked in association with these files? I have looked and looked and cant find anything!
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2018-12-05 04:48



2018-12-06 04:16

reporter   ~0003595

- Image of Geosetter reading a portrait photos height and width wrong.

Capture.PNG (305,511 bytes)


2018-12-06 20:52

developer   ~0003596

can you upload the Image which is shown in Capture.png?

The data which is shown in the screenshot is form ExifTool.


2018-12-06 22:06

reporter   ~0003597

Attached is a photo that shows the geosetter reading (4032x3024) the exif reading, and the portrait image. Not that the width and height are wrong - it should be H = 4032 not 3024. Adding files with shorter titles and adding less files in at once also don't solve this.


2018-12-06 22:14

developer   ~0003598

is it possible that you upload the Image itself, not a screenshot of GeoSetter


2018-12-06 22:29

reporter   ~0003599

Here is one portrait and one landscape.


2018-12-06 22:31


Porttrait.JPG (2,547,162 bytes)
Landscape.JPG (2,155,928 bytes)


2018-12-06 23:13

developer   ~0003600

I've checked the image "Porttrait.JPG" with 4 different programs (GeoSetter, ExifTool, ExifDataView, Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer). All programs are saying, that the width of the Image is 4032. So I assume, that this value is stored in the metadata of this file.
Have you edited this Image with any Software?


2018-12-06 23:17

reporter   ~0003601

I've only used it through geosetter! Windows explorer is able to determine the correct dimensions (I postulate, that it maybe takes into account the angle of the phone?) If I have to determine the deminsions manually is fine, for this set, I just am worried that this will be a continual thing!


2018-12-06 23:27

developer   ~0003602

I don't know what Windows Explorer reads and interprets, but I'm sure the value is in the exif data like this

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