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0002041GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
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Product Version3.5 
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Summary0002041: GeoSetter fails to create GPX track file without errors.
DescriptionUsing GeoSetter V3.5.0
& Garmin Basecamp V4.7.0
Both are latest up-to-date versions.

Selected 6 pictures with GPS info in GeoSetter and used
GeoSetter->File->'Export to GPX Track File'. No errors shown by GeoSetter.
GeoSetter shows correct track in Map window. Track agrees with manually produced track in BaseCamp. Lat/Long's from selected pictures were used to create a route which was then converted to a track using GPSBabel V1.6.0.

When Basecamp tries to import TrackFile.gpx produced by GeoSetter, Basecamp says "Unknown Error Opening Import file" and fails to import.

Error is repeatable with different sets of pictures/track file.
Steps To ReproduceExited GeoSetter and then re-invoked GeoSetter.
Selected different pictures from different folder.
Same ERROR result in BaseCamp.
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has duplicate 0002042 closedheiko GeoSetter fails to create GPX track file without errors. 



2019-05-23 21:51

developer   ~0003722

this is the second line in a GPX file which is written form GeoSetter:
<gpx version="1.0" creator="GeoSetter -">

it seems, that this part is missing:

if you add this missing part to the second line RouteConverter can read the GPX file which was created from GeoSetter:
<gpx version="1.0" creator="GeoSetter -" xmlns="">

Ok, this is only a workaround, but I hope it helps

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