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0002051GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-22 02:04
ReporterCameron Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Platformi7 x64OSMS WindowsOS Version7 and 10
Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002051: occasional crash on folder open
DescriptionThis is happening regularly, but not repeatably.
I have a working folder from a recent trip, containing a folder for each day, each containing between 10 and 150 images - all jpegs.
Geosetter will regularly crash as I am switching to a new folder of images - without starting to display the contents.
Steps To ReproduceGet a single folder with about 100 jpegs. Navigate to it and set file list to "report" (actually - I just reproduced with thumbnails).
Map can be set to satellite, or OSM, or map display not present. Crashes in all cases.
repeat {
    Click on the "up one folder" button.
    Double click on the image folder and wait for it to populate.
} until crashed.
Additional InformationUsually it will just crash, but occasionally will generate a bug report. I have saved 3:
* one from my old win 7 system
* one from Win 10 with OSM map selected
* one from Win 10 with Google map satellite selected (I have my own API as of yesterday, but this was happening before that).
One laptop running Win 10 does NOT show the problem.
All 3 test systems are x64, Pro editions.

On the systems that crash v3.5.0, I installed 3.4.51-beta build 2164 and it has not crashed.

The crashing folders can have between zero and all images being geotagged (lat-long only). The presence or not of a track makes no difference.
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2019-07-22 09:12



2019-07-22 10:28

reporter   ~0003730

update - I realised that I had copied my win-7 appdata\roaming profile to the win 10 system that crashed, so I did some more experiments.

1. wiped all geosetter details from the win 10 system and reinstalled v3.5.0 from scratch, including the profile and some registry entries.
2. no crashes with a fresh install. So that rules out other software/dlls on the different win 10 systems
3. copied over the old config.ini to the new and it immediately started crashing again.

I will now try to isolate which of the many differences are associated with the crash, because this config file was from a working beta version.


2019-07-22 15:35

reporter   ~0003731

I think I have identified the conditions that trigger the crash, and have been reminded of another, possibly related, bug as well, which I think has been around since the beta versions.
The condition is setting sort-order to "Date Taken".
This is important to me because I usually have photos on the one day taken with multiple cameras. Sorting in date order makes it much easier to fill in missing locations by association with photos taken nearby.

If you are within a folder and click the column header to sort by date taken then it seems to work as expected.
However, if the default sort order is already set to Date Taken then, on entering a folder:
1. geosetter sometimes crashes, or
2. if it does not crash then the images are not sorted properly. Because there is a strong correlation between name and date taken it is not clear how or if they are being sorted at all. Maybe they are just in order in folder.

* pre-selecting "Coordinates" as sort order results in incorrect sorting, and took a bit longer (perhaps 10 folder visits) to cause it to crash.
* The Win 10 laptop that in the first report did not show the problem crashed very soon after setting the sort order to Date Taken.

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