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0002073GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
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Product Version3.5.1 
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Summary0002073: 3.5.3 Dng lose the Color Label set on Lightroom setting location and timezone on Geosetter

I usually set color labels on Lightroom on my process to select my files.
After saving metadata to file on lightroom, closing and setting the location on Geosetter, I read de metadata from file in lightroom and I see that the DNG files have lost the color label. This doesn't happen with the Nikon NEF files. Only with the DNGs (in this case, these are pano files generated by Lightroom).

I hope someone can reproduce this and we can find a fix.

Best regards.

Steps To Reproduce- Set a color label on Lightroom to a DNG file.
- Save metadata to file.
- Close Lightroom.
- Open dir on Geosetter.
- Change the location (I'm also changing the timezone).
- Save on Geosetter.
- Close GeoSetter.
- Open Lightroom.
- Read the changes in metadata from files.
- Check that the color label of the DNGs has disappeared.
Tagscolor label, geosetter, lightroom


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