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0002079GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-07-02 00:23
Reportertohis Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002079: Can't save files having umlaut characters in name
DescriptionI built a new PC with UK-English Windows 10, and installed Geosetter 3.5.3 (portable) into it. When I try to geotag and save any image which has non-English characters in its name (Å, Ä, Ö for example), I get "Warning: Error opening file" and "Error: File not found" and the image will not be saved. See the attached image.

In thumbnails window the file names with umlauts are shown correctly, but in the error report these are shown as a tilted square with ? inside. Also, in some places the degree symbol ° (Alt-248) is shown as ? as well.

I have set the Windows locale to Finland, and the chcp command in cmd.exe shows the code page is 850 like expected.

I found the IPTC setting and tried ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 instead of default ANSI, but this seems not to have effect on this issue.

For years I used Windows 7 and an older Geosetter 3.3.48 without this issue. I tried that old version again, but it's having the same issue in Windows 10. I also tried the newest Geosetter in a virtual Windows 7 in VirtualBox, and the issue was not present there.

So it may as well be a Windows 10 issue, however I haven't seen this kind of problem in any of my other programs (and some of them are very old).

There is a workaround by geotagging the images before renaming them with any non-English characters.
Steps To ReproduceHave two image files named test_AO.jpg and test_ÄÖ.jpg, and (optionally) a GPS data file containing the location for them. Select the images in Geosetter and press Ctrl-G to attach location data (or enter it manually), and then try to save the images. test_AO.jpg will be saved, but test_ÄÖ.jpg produces the error and will not be saved.
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2020-02-16 21:20


geosetter_problem.png (159,107 bytes)
geosetter_problem.png (159,107 bytes)


2020-02-18 23:02

developer   ~0003797

I'm also using Win10 and have no problems to save files which have umlauts in the filename. You can see my settings for the "IPTC Character Coding" in the attached screenshot.

IPTC-Character-Coding.png (33,534 bytes)
IPTC-Character-Coding.png (33,534 bytes)


2020-04-16 23:46

developer   ~0003804

does this work for you? can I close this issue?


2021-06-26 11:30

reporter   ~0003859

Sorry for the delay. I have Latin I (ANSI) set and still having the problem. Actually, it may be ExifTool which isn't working right. As in that picture posted before, "ExifTool reported errors/warnings on 1 of 1 images" and "Error: File not found". Character encoding is messed up somewhere.

I downloaded newest ExifTool and placed it in the Geosetter\tools folder but it didn't fix the problem.

Then I typed exiftool -G -a åäöÅÄÖ.jpg on the command line - see the picture. Could this be a clue to what's going on? Apparently ExifTool finds the file named by non-English characters, but then warns about the encoding not specified. Then at the next line, the file name is already wrong, which leads to messed up characters and finally saving the file will fail.


2021-07-02 14:27

developer   ~0003861

I've just made a test with the file "ÄäÖö.jpg" and I've had no problems to save my changes.

Have you updated ExifTool.exe in the %AppData% directory?


2023-06-25 17:28

reporter   ~0004774

Ich habe das gleiche Problem.

Sprachset Latin wie oben beschrieben
GeoSetter Version 4.0.49 Beta
ExifTool Version 12.63

Erst ein Umbenennen des Verzeichnisses, in dem sich das zu speichernde Bild befindet, bewegt Geosetter dazu das getaggte Bild zu speichern und keine Fehlermeldung auszugeben. Sehr nervig.


2023-06-25 18:07

reporter   ~0004775

GeoSetter should add "-charset filename=latin " when using "exiftool". A request has already been made (2509).


2023-06-25 18:19

reporter   ~0004776

Liegt es denn überhaupt an ExifTool? GeoSetter macht aus einem "Österreich" ein "Österreich", wenn man die Pfadzeile anklickt.

Windows 10 hier.


2023-06-26 18:52

reporter   ~0004777

Add in the "Settings" for exiftool the following 2 lines. There is no more "warning"

Charset.jpg (50,714 bytes)
Charset.jpg (50,714 bytes)


2023-06-26 22:48

reporter   ~0004778

This has exactly zero effect. ExifTool still says file not found.


2023-06-26 23:29

reporter   ~0004779

Weird! I have a test with a similar filename and it works for me!

Charset-2.jpg (84,648 bytes)
Charset-2.jpg (84,648 bytes)


2023-06-26 23:38

reporter   ~0004780

I don't know if it's due to the filename (not tested), it seems more like a problem with Umlauts in paths.


2023-06-26 23:47

reporter   ~0004781

what version of exiftool are you using (mine is version 12.63)?


2023-06-26 23:50

reporter   ~0004782

Also 12.63 as stated a few posts above this.


2023-07-02 00:21

reporter   ~0004784

@ Whatthesnap:
Can you test this query in cmd mode?

chcp 65001
exiftool -H -G1 -s -charset filename=latin E:\KUVAT\Uudet\test_AÖ¨.jpg


2023-07-02 00:23

reporter   ~0004785

This should list all tags by group

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