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0002086GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
ReporterEnronHubbard Assigned ToFriedemann  
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.5.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002086: viewing another program causes loss of data, resort
DescriptionViewing a file in the image or GPX folder that GeoSetter is using in another program causes GeoSetter to refresh the image thumbnails. In the process any unsaved changes are lost, and the thumbnails are sorted in an unpredictable way, mostly by name but with a few random photos at the end (mine were originally sorted by Taken Date). Sort by Taken Date remains selected in the menu even though it is not displaying properly. This is occurring in version is 3.5.3 (not available to select in drop-down). For me the other programs in question are XnView (photo editor) and g7towin (GPX file manager).
Steps To ReproduceIt is triggered from g7towin upon first opening a gpx file after opening the program (any file, not necessarily one used for syncing by GeoSetter), but not opening subsequent ones. I haven't figured out precisely what triggers it from XnView; it was full-screen and I found the files re-set when I went back to GeoSetter. Simply opening and editing files doesn't do it though.
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2020-04-03 22:11

reporter   ~0003799

Starting Google Earth also triggers this.

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