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0002093GeoSetterImage Datapublic2020-09-14 20:00
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Product Version3.5 
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Summary0002093: Getting message 'not found'

All of a sudden, i started seeing this message:

The tool was fine till yesterday.

Please advise.

TagsGoogle API, not found



2020-05-16 02:03

reporter   ~0003811

I have exact the same problem


2020-05-22 12:00

reporter   ~0003814

Habe das gleiche Problem mit unterschiedlichen Meldungen, siehe Bilder

Meldung1.jpg (20,391 bytes)
Meldung1.jpg (20,391 bytes)
Meldung.jpg (10,746 bytes)
Meldung.jpg (10,746 bytes)


2020-05-25 22:58

reporter   ~0003817

Same problem since today May 25th
Also cannot update exiftool - says to check internet connection, which is perfectly sound.


2020-05-25 23:35

reporter   ~0003818

I just noticed I got a message from "smartscreen" (microsoft check on installation) that it cannot be reached.
Maybe there is a connection?


2020-06-01 12:21

reporter   ~0003820

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I fear it has to do with a maximum number of calls to as that seems to be the website used to find locations.


2020-06-02 17:28

reporter   ~0003821

same here: just intalled (and actullay worked like a charm for 2 hours) then, all of a sudden it just started to stop finding any location


2020-06-02 21:35

developer   ~0003822

as far as I know Friedemann has ristricted the ammount of search queries. Google charges money for these searches. To limit Google's bills, Friedemann has limited the number of searches in GeoSetter.


2020-06-15 11:50

reporter   ~0003824

I have the same problem.
Have changed the mapfile from
But with no effect.
BTW: Which one would be correct? Map display works with both :)
Thank you and kind regards

Kiko Benitez

2020-07-21 23:14

reporter   ~0003825

The same problem after reinstalling Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview.


2020-09-03 01:02

reporter   ~0003829

Hi guys, I have been having this issue for several months -- is a shame, as otherwise I really love the app!
Is there any ETA of when this might be fixed?

Diagnostic info:
- Ran app as Administrator -- ? no effect
- changed map file <--> -- ? no effect
- Added app to firewall allowed list -- ? no effect
- Registered for own Geonames login (so queries now pass through own account) -- ? no effect
- Changed internet settings IE proxy OFF <--> ON -- ? no effect


2020-09-13 17:25

developer   ~0003833

@martinzima: these are not GeoNames queries, these are Google queries and Google charges money for these serches.


2020-09-14 20:00

reporter   ~0003834

Hmm... several new issues... hardly any fix or improvements in the past some years... no new versions...
Sounds GS is a fading project?
Shame, because it is simply THE BEST tool in it's category: simply NO comparable tool (to my knowledge).
But these issues are eroding it's usability...
Resisting, but until when?

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