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0002094GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2020-08-31 15:45
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Summary0002094: For UK images, state/province displayed as England rathan the county (somerset, dorset etc.)
I am using version 3.5.3 in the UK and have issues with the results of the
get image from web.

The state/Province is marked as England rather than Somerset (the county).
I cannot find anywhere to set where it can pick up the county.

I thought this used to work OK in a previous release so wonder if I have
corrupted a setting.

Thanks for any help
Steps To Reproduceset a place in UK for any image and get location.
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2020-08-31 15:45

reporter   ~0003828

It's never worked for me :( Now I've got my own system because of this where I put the county or unitary authority (e.g. City of Bristol or London) in the State/Province (and in these examples, just "Bristol" or the London Borough in the city field.) I developed this system long before Lightroom added its map module, so now I can't get along with that either (plus the whole 3 letter vs. 2 letter country code thing).

The other annoyance is the frequent reversal of city and sublocation.

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