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Summary0002094: For UK images, state/province displayed as England rathan the county (somerset, dorset etc.)
I am using version 3.5.3 in the UK and have issues with the results of the
get image from web.

The state/Province is marked as England rather than Somerset (the county).
I cannot find anywhere to set where it can pick up the county.

I thought this used to work OK in a previous release so wonder if I have
corrupted a setting.

Thanks for any help
Steps To Reproduceset a place in UK for any image and get location.
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2020-08-31 15:45

reporter   ~0003828

It's never worked for me :( Now I've got my own system because of this where I put the county or unitary authority (e.g. City of Bristol or London) in the State/Province (and in these examples, just "Bristol" or the London Borough in the city field.) I developed this system long before Lightroom added its map module, so now I can't get along with that either (plus the whole 3 letter vs. 2 letter country code thing).

The other annoyance is the frequent reversal of city and sublocation.


2021-01-08 00:10

reporter   ~0003844

I've written a little PHP script which you can run on a web server of your choice (either your own web space, or something installed locally), and which mimics the parts of the GeoNames API used by GeoSetter. Timezone and height requests are simply forwarded to GeoNames and returned as-is, whereas reverse geocoding requests are sent to a different provider and then returned to GeoSetter in the GeoNames API format it expects.

After examining, for now I've settled on using OSM data via OpenCage, as they have acceptable request limits for the free tier and seem to have the best data quality relatively speaking. I initially tried Geoapify, but it turned out that their reverse geocoding API was somewhat buggy.

It's available from and it should already handle UK coordinates as desired, although I've only done a spot check with a few different coordinates and I've yet to reach pictures from my UK holidays in GeoSetter for a more extensive test.

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