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0002106GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
ReporterEric Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.5.1 
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Summary0002106: DCRawlib and support of newer camera RAW files. Libraw?
DescriptionCurrent Geosetter 3.5.3 is shipped with the dcrawlib.dll from 2016: it's actually the ImageEn dcraw plugin 9.17
Image preview from many (most?) camera more recent than that are not properly displayed (greenish) because the dcrawlib is too old.
Last version of dcraw is from 2018 but I don't find any lib version of it yet.
Thus, for instance, my Panasonic G80/G81 RW2 files are not displayed properly - greeenish, and so also from the older G6, even if both should be supported by dcraw from 2018.
Issue already reported here in 2014:

Question 1: would it be possible to get latest dcraw version?
Question 2: longer term: how much effort would it be to use libraw instead of dcraw? seems indeed to be a better alternative to the stalled dcraw project, at is aims to generate a library.
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2020-10-28 11:41

reporter   ~0003837

Taking assignment help for your homework from is completely legit and in fact also very resourceful.


2022-09-17 19:29

reporter   ~0004010

alternative to have proper lib, can we activate the preview jpg within a RAW file in the Image Viewer as it is used in the thumbnail view ?

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