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0002127GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-27 09:42
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.37 beta 
Summary0002127: I have no more updates to exif tools
DescriptionIt is no longer possible for me to update ExifTools, I have been using GeoStter version 3.5.3 (Build 2195) and ExifTool version 10.96 for a long time now or even a few years. I was not worried about it but after a trip and many photos a little problem to use Nik Collection from Dxo after geotagging my photos I started to wonder if it did not come from the update of ExifTool ( Tiff format not recognized, Tiff compression go to 34713) see screenshot this may not be related.
For information, the error message tells me to check my internet connection (see screenshot), but my internet connection is working fine. I use Edge if that can give more information
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2021-07-14 12:19


erreur format image.JPG (118,238 bytes)
erreur format image.JPG (118,238 bytes)
NikCollection1.JPG (78,414 bytes)
NikCollection1.JPG (78,414 bytes)
Capture3.JPG (41,946 bytes)
Capture3.JPG (41,946 bytes)


2021-07-17 19:58

developer   ~0003863

Since the URL of exiftool changed, the update in GeoSetter no longer works. ExifTool can be downloaded from The exiftool.exe file must then be copied into the "%AppData%\GeoSetter\tools" directory.


2021-07-18 06:20

reporter   ~0003864

Thank you very much the update was done, it worked.
Thanks again


2021-08-03 18:34

reporter   ~0003865

Broken ExifTool updates is actually a critical issue.

Hello @Friedemann Schmidt!

Thank you very much for GeoSetter, it's my tool for managing travel photos for about 15 years already.
Unfortunately, I encountered a bug with "Set File Date from Date Taken" (wrong time zone used...) and I figured out that probably the bug is in the ExifTool (which has this feature!)

This means that fixing "I have no more updates to exif tool" will actually mean fixing many potential "GeoSetter bugs".

Please fix ExifTool updates in GeoSetter!

PS: My related tool:

PPS: As I see you haven't updated GeoSetter for quite a long time. Looks like it should be Open Sourced in order not to die without updates. Please do this, maybe it will find a new maintainer!

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