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Summary0002282: Save Geosetter
DescriptionAll of us have been lucky to find and use Geosetter. This program is a masterwork for managing non graphical information of pictures; there is no other similar program with the funtionalities of GS (many thanks to Friedemann) and if it dies, it would be impossible to replace.
But every program requires a periodical maintenance and sometimes a rewrite of part of the program in order to keep it working properly in a changing world of OS, browsers, content providers, etc.

In my opinion the program needs to be retouched in the followings aspects:
- Change the use of Internet Explorer for the embedded map, and use another browser. This does not mean to change to leaflet or openlayers (imho); the presentation of the maps (Google & OSM) works fine; the threat is in the browser and its next end this summer.
- Include all the stuff of the program (js, icons, etc) in local folders (similar to 'locale', 'tools', etc.). It is nonsense to have half of the stuff in a webserver (
- It's necessary to repair the update of Exiftool.
- The use of map_google.html has proven to be very useful, but installed in a local folder and without the "api key". Including a field in the settings for the user "api key", the program can merge the html and the key before opening the map. It's not so difficult to get an "api key"; many of us already have one, in order to use it in other programs.

If these changes are excessive for one person, may be you can ask for help or even make the program "open source". Please, don't let GS die.
As I read in this blog "It would be a shame".
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From the thread:

What do I need to know?

In August 2022, we are fully decommissioning the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser.
IE11 is the final version of Internet Explorer. As support for IE11 from Microsoft and the Web community is ending, the use of the Embed API and JavaScript API from IE11 will be degraded per the following schedule:

For Maps JavaScript API:
   Beginning with Maps JavaScript API version 3.46 (release date August 2021)
   A dismissible warning message will be displayed to IE11 users at the top of maps, similar to this one: "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Please consider changing your

   Beginning with Maps JavaScript API version 3.48 (release date February 2022)
   Maps will no longer load in Internet Explorer browsers.

   After August 2022 (when Maps JavaScript API version 3.47 is retired)
   IE11 support is effectively discontinued across all available Maps JavaScript API versions and channels.

For Maps Embed API:
   Beginning August 2021, a dismissible warning message (same as above) will be displayed at the top of maps for IE11 users.

   After August 2022 (at the same time as the JavaScript API version 3.47 is retired)
   Maps Embed API will no longer be available in Internet Explorer browsers.

Please note the retirement date of version 3.47 of the Maps JavaScript API has been pushed back to November 2022.
In the previous message of this thread, please therefore read "After November 2022" instead of "After August 2022" in three instances.

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