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0002317GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-22 02:04
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Product Version3.5.1 
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Summary0002317: v 3.5.3 - GeoNames reports the following problems
DescriptionI just installed Geosetter v3.5.3. I was trying to synchronize 2 test images with a gfx file. The synch did work and the correct GPS data was added to the image files. But along with it, I got an error message: GeoNames reports the following problem: the hourly limit of 1000 credits for geosetter has been exceeded.

Can you clarify what this error is? Thanks.
Steps To ReproducePress cntl-G and click ok.
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2022-06-20 23:37


Geosetter error.jpg (34,415 bytes)
Geosetter error.jpg (34,415 bytes)


2022-06-21 21:26

reporter   ~0003996

You can register your own user name for the Geo Names WebServices at and specify that name in GeoSetter under File->Settings->Internet->GeoNames. Otherwise all requests for Geo Names are charged to Friedemann Schmidt's account, but only 1000 per day are for free.


2022-06-22 17:11

reporter   ~0003997

Thanks for your response. I created my own account at

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