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0002384GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-23 19:27
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Summary0002384: Additional Layers not working
DescriptionFinally, I wanted to take advantage of the overlay layers on the map as well. But apparently it doesn't work. Has it ever worked? I tried to insert .kml and .kmz files, which I got directly from Google Earth. But nothing is showing me. Even after restarting the program. Does it work from local files as well or only via URL? Via URL this option is really useless.

There is nothing in the help about this.
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2022-12-10 20:19


layers.jpg (100,505 bytes)
layers.jpg (100,505 bytes)


2022-12-13 20:29

developer   ~0004153

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I assume, that this feature works (or has worked), because I've written something in the help file (this version of the help file was never released from Friedemann).

Here is a screenshot of the section with the layers:

image.png (81,373 bytes)
image.png (81,373 bytes)


2022-12-15 17:47


help.jpg (343,451 bytes)


2022-12-15 17:47

reporter   ~0004177

@heiko I have checked the current installation of the program and the help does not include this part at all. The program contains old help: © 2008 - 2009 Heiko Leupolz
If it's only functional via the url, it's useless.
Can you attach the latest version of the help here? Thanks.


2022-12-18 01:47

administrator   ~0004184

@ThunderBoy, can you perhaps send me such a kml and kmz file to I just reworked it and want to see if it works with it...


2022-12-18 15:21

reporter   ~0004188

@Friedemann I sent it by email. Also check your spam folder. I will be very happy when the .kmz overlay layers can be used directly from pc in the program. I wouldn't have to use Google Earth to view this data.


2022-12-18 16:26

reporter   ~0004191

I tested it in version 4.0.4 and it works quite well. But with larger and more complex files it has a problem. I will test it when I have time. Kml quite sufficient. At least we have moved on. Thanks.


2022-12-19 17:57

reporter   ~0004208

I have tested in more detail the "custom layers" in version 4.0.4. I am quite happy with it. But I ran into a few problems. One problem is not related to Geosetter, but I mentioned it above.

Small warning.
The .kml file must be in base form. Otherwise it will throw a SyntaxError error when imported into GS. If you encounter this error, you must first edit the file in GE when importing it into GS. Create a new directory in Google Earth and copy the entire contents of your original file into it. Save this to a .kml and import it into GS. It should work fine ... at least it worked for me.

The second thing is, and I mentioned this in the email. The program doesn't remember the last setting of Custom objects. On a fresh start, the "Show Custom objects" option is automatically enabled. When the program exits, it was turned off.

And now to the main problem. Here I am attaching a picture. The program ignores the encoding set in the .kml files. I think this will be in everything you add there. You need to set the UTF8 encoding for the inserted items directly in the program. I have no idea where to set this. I noticed that it incorrectly saves it also in the custom_objects.xml file . In the image I gave a comparison of how it shows up in GS and GE.

encoding of characters.jpg (248,664 bytes)
encoding of characters.jpg (248,664 bytes)


2022-12-19 22:09

reporter   ~0004214

Another problem I've had 2x already. This error occurs by itself over time.
After several restarts of the program, the Custom Object will stop displaying. The following message is displayed in the map log as soon as the program starts.

ERROR: SyntaxError: Syntaktická chyba; SyntaxError: Syntaktická chyba
   at GSM.addCustomObject (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter/map/map.js:1587:13)
   at Global code (Unknown script code:1:1)
  GSM.addCustomObject(0, 'SK', '#3399FF', '');

When I open the Custom objects editing window, when I click on any item, it throws up the error box I attached.
When I put "Edit selected object", it throws up another window in German: Lesen nicht möglich
A new window opens with the object details. "Content of url (or file)" is empty and nothing can be written there.
All items need to be removed and added again and so on and so on.

errorcode.jpg (30,756 bytes)
errorcode.jpg (30,756 bytes)
german.jpg (21,163 bytes)
german.jpg (21,163 bytes)


2022-12-19 22:43

reporter   ~0004215

Please ignore the previous message.: #0004214 Too bad it can't be removed here.
I found out that the problem is with me. In the meantime, I deleted those source .kml files, so that's why this error occurred. It didn't occur to me at all when deleting.
I'm going to take one more day off, because it's getting to be too much for me. :(


2022-12-22 01:54

administrator   ~0004258

Yes, of course, the UTF-8 encoding... @ThunderBoy, I've send a mail already to you, I dind't get your example file by now...


2022-12-22 07:57

reporter   ~0004262

@Friedemann I've already sent you at least 3 emails, also with error messages. Have you also looked at SPAM? If you don't have anything there, I'll send it again from another account than yandex (from google, which I don't like). I also sent you the Slovak translation of the program.


2022-12-22 23:37

developer   ~0004268

@ThunderBoy: the help file is too big for uploading here. Friedemann has this version of the help file, I hope he will add it to the next installation.


2022-12-23 08:18

reporter   ~0004271

@heiko Is a new help menu with new features planned? In the new beta version there was a newer German version of the help but it also didn't contain what I needed. Check all versions with the boss, let the latest one really be added. These were added in the beta: DE © 2009 - 2011 Heiko Leupolz, EN © 2008 Heiko Leupolz

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