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0002386GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-01-15 15:21
ReporterMotalf Assigned ToFriedemann  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002386: Add orientation to selected images
Descriptionthe marker to open or close the opening angle is missing.
I can't change it anymore.
it seems to me that we could do it before!

and when you remove the gps coordinates and altitude the polygons remain displayed
when it should disappear

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2022-12-14 09:55


Open angle.jpg (28,476 bytes)
Open angle.jpg (28,476 bytes)
Sans titre 1.jpg (157,640 bytes)
Sans titre 1.jpg (157,640 bytes)


2022-12-14 10:17

reporter   ~0004165

@Motalf: Using the geosettermaps.html maps file provided by ThunderBoy the direction angle still works fine for me. I did add a direction to an image yesterday and just tested to hide/unhide and the polygon disappears after clicking "Remove all location data". So far, I did not try any of the other map files yet.


2022-12-14 10:21

reporter   ~0004166

Seems, I misunderstood your point, @Motalf:
The marker, you showed in your "Normal" screen shot, I never saw before and always used the buttons on to of the map and never changed the angle.


2022-12-19 23:11

reporter   ~0004216

sorry for the late answer, yes indeed there is no marker for the opening of the angle
I didn't have the expected result.
Fixed in beta version 4.04


2022-12-29 21:02

reporter   ~0004316

in fact no, still the same problem with the very closed angle
the bug was also reported in v4.04 Beta.

when you remove GPS coordinates and elevation, polygons remain displayed
when it should disappear on the other hand this problem is well solved!


2023-01-12 09:25

reporter   ~0004348

Seems to be solved in Version 4.0.15 (Build 2139 - BETA).
- The icon to change the direction is very close to the originating point of the image, but can be easily grabbed
- After adding a new or changing the direction, you need to click the "Show image direction of focused image" twice, to visualize the triangle on the map


2023-01-12 10:39

reporter   ~0004350

ok thanks i will look into that!


2023-01-12 11:15

reporter   ~0004351

ok there is a small difference depending on the distance
but it remains very closed!

Before .JPG (82,310 bytes)
Before .JPG (82,310 bytes)
before 2.JPG (90,283 bytes)
before 2.JPG (90,283 bytes)
Now.JPG (33,712 bytes)
Now.JPG (33,712 bytes)


2023-01-12 11:55

reporter   ~0004352

@Motalf, not sure I understand your point "but it remains very closed!".
Indeed focal point and the image position are quite close together after using the "Add image direction ..." button and it happened to me twice to grab the wrong icon. Fortunately you cancel out from the "Changed Position" dialog.
Confusing to me, that the triangle disappears after applying any change to the direction untill you select another image or press the "Show image direction of focused image"-Button twice.


2023-01-12 16:41

reporter   ~0004361

on before.jpg and now.jpg the distance is almost the same
so the blue polygon on before.jpg and red on now.jpg should have the same shape, it's not!

on before.jpg the angle is 45°~ while on now.jpeg the angle is 10°~
of course on the 1st they are all at 45° while on the other they are at 10°

is this a bug or Friedmann reduced the fixed angle on the beta 4.x.x version?

I'll take a closer look this weekend or next week!


2023-01-12 16:50

reporter   ~0004362

that I tag the pictures with Geosetter or Exiftool (with the command prompt (CMD))
I get the same problem when displaying on the map of Geosetter !


2023-01-12 17:05

reporter   ~0004363

45°- *
* ) the - = ~


2023-01-12 17:07

reporter   ~0004364

the - = approximately


2023-01-13 04:46

reporter   ~0004370

ouppsss ! Best wishes to all

resolved well I think
in fact I started on a false track
I redid the test with the copy of the original photo of the blue polygon on before.jpeg
with exiftool in command prompt and I displayed it in geosetter
and I find the same angle.

I thought that the polygon represented the Fov or Aov in relation to the distance between the 2 GPS points
but I had forgotten the Horizontal Fov in relation to the aperture of the lens.

that's why I didn't understand this difference in angle opening!

Photo 1 Before.jpeg
Horizontal Fov 43.6° deg at 43mm (35mm)

Photo 2 Now.jpeg
Horizontal Fov 2.7° deg at 720mm (35mm)

what an idiot am I doing! :p)


2023-01-13 04:48

reporter   ~0004371

not aperture but focal length


2023-01-13 19:54

developer   ~0004372

@Motalf: is it OK to close this issue?


2023-01-14 01:47

reporter   ~0004373

yes you can close this file!

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