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0002403GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-24 14:32
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Summary0002403: Clustering
DescriptionWe have a new feature: the Map > Use Clustering. Would it be possible to make it so that when I click on the camera icon (photo cluster), all the photos I have there are marked at the same time? Now I don't know which photos I have in that cluster at all (if they are completely next to each other and there are a larger number of them in the same place). This could be a checkbox somewhere in the settings, e.g. for maps.
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2022-12-23 15:38

reporter   ~0004272

@ThunderBoy not sure this helps: Did you notice the clustering feature depends on the scale? That is, when you zoom in the single images appear, if they are in a certain distance from each other.


2022-12-23 15:54

reporter   ~0004273

@WilfriedB Of course I know that. But if at least two photos have the same coordinates (at a point), I don't know exactly which photos they are. I can figure it out though if I click on that point and look at the coordinates in the other photos.


2022-12-23 15:59

reporter   ~0004274

If we could have an option that ensures that if we click on an icon on the map, all the photos with the same coordinates are all selected.


2022-12-23 16:16

reporter   ~0004275

@xyzzy Yes, that's kind of what I meant. I use a lot of photos from one place (same coordinates), and there are also quite a few of them side by side. The problem is that they are from different periods, so I don't keep track of which photos they are. I can look at it the old way, of course. It just occurred to me while working with the clustering.


2022-12-23 16:33

reporter   ~0004276

While waiting for this feature, I sort the photos by coordinates but this new feature would be much better


2022-12-23 19:08

developer   ~0004278

you know that you can use "Search & Filter" to do this?

Search&Filter.png (13,159 bytes)
Search&Filter.png (13,159 bytes)


2022-12-23 19:11

reporter   ~0004279

Yes. And we can also save this query as a template...


2022-12-23 19:32

reporter   ~0004280

@heiko: If we select "current image" as a filter, does GeoSetter keep the coordinates of this image or will it take the coordinates of another selected image?


2022-12-23 19:51

reporter   ~0004281

I finally figured out how to do it:
1) Create a template with for example Coordinates = Current image and add it to the templates
2) Remove the filter
3) view and select any of the images on the map
4) and there, filter by the saved template in step 1)

It's several steps to do 2) @ 4, but it's doable


2022-12-24 09:17

reporter   ~0004282

@heiko I've never used the search, but I've tried it. When I'm in a folder, it works nicely. But if I go outside the folder and turn on "Include Subfolders", it doesn't anymore. Then it no longer filters as I need it to even with the second condition. For example, see image. Someone else please test this. I tried it in version 3.5.3 and in the new beta.

Include Subfolders.jpg (32,601 bytes)
Include Subfolders.jpg (32,601 bytes)


2022-12-24 10:04

reporter   ~0004283

@Heiko and @ThunderBoy I did use filtering in the past (but did not know about "nearby"), but always had some doubts, how to handle it correctly.
Yesterday, I also did some tests with "nearby" and finally got it to work. The key point seems to be xyzzy's "2) Remove the filter". What exactly does that mean?
I came to (possibly wrong) conclusion before selecting a different image, you need uncheck "Activate" in both menu options. Or is there a different explanation?


2022-12-24 10:18

reporter   ~0004284

@ThunderBoy I forgot to mention: It seems to be not related to "Include Subfolders". However, when I created a template, I did not check "Include Subfolders", but I did select File->Flat mode in the menu, selected an image of one of the subfolders and then applied the filter.


2022-12-24 10:44

reporter   ~0004285

@WilfriedB After all, I write that when I'm in the directory, the filter works. But when I want to search for files in subfolders as well, the filter doesn't work. It shows me all the images whether the author details are entered there or not.


2022-12-24 11:18

reporter   ~0004286

I mean, when I look at it better, the filter works by just marking the file that matches the filter. Rather, it should work by hiding the files that are filtered out. In Flat mode the filter doesn't work at all. It shows all files that are in the main folder and subfolder. I attach a video:


2022-12-24 11:48

reporter   ~0004287

@ThunderBoy this is what I meant with "2) Remove the filter". Before applying the filter including sub-folders, do remove the check-marks for both(!) "Activate" in the menu. This way it did work for me with and without including sub-folders.


2022-12-24 12:49

reporter   ~0004288

@WilfriedB Apparently we don't understand each other. Without an active filter to include subfolders it finds me big shit in other directories. The way you write it only works with files in one folder.


2022-12-24 12:59

reporter   ~0004289

Oh, shit, so I didn't get it. :) I'm getting it. I didn't do a good procedure. Still bothers me that it shows all files after applying the filter. It should hide the unnecessary ones, because with a large number of files it's cluttered.


2022-12-24 13:40

reporter   ~0004290

What I meant by "2) remove the filter" is to "2) uncheck Activated"

Filters.jpg (37,153 bytes)
Filters.jpg (37,153 bytes)


2022-12-24 13:54

reporter   ~0004291

Oh, I misunderstood both of you before. Thank you both. It's already working as I needed it to. It hides files I don't need. Thanks again.


2022-12-24 14:17

reporter   ~0004292

I'm glad @ThunderBoy!
One more thing on this topic: When you look at the filter menu, you see "Activate" twice. According to my tests, clicking the one on top, does not remove the check mark for the other "Activate" (but vice versa does) and as long you see a check mark at the lower "Activate" a subsequent filtering does not work (probably, because the conditions are added ...?).
Also, clicking "Reset" removes the check mark form the upper, but not from the lower option. But even worse, after doing so, the lower "Activate" is grayed out and you cannot deactivate unless un-check/check the name of you template.
So, I do not completely understand what the purpose of "Activate", "Reset" and the other "Activate" might be. But for now, I understand a little better, why I always had problems with filtering in the past.


2022-12-24 14:32

reporter   ~0004293

WilfriedB This is exactly what I noticed when I was translating the program a long time ago. There are two Activate options. When I tried it, the first button activates the filter itself and the second button activates the user filters. It should be written next to them that what ever is activated with them. E.g. for the first one, it says "Activate main filter" and the second one "Activate additional filter".

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